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Speed decides how many hexes the unit can move in combat, and the order units move.

Fastest units move first, slowest units move last. When tied, the one that didn't move last within the tie gets to move. Attacker goes first in a tie during first round, defender in all following rounds. Within each army, the unit that started(before Tactics Phase) nearest to the top of the screen moves first.

The speed of the slowest unit determines the hero's movement on the adventure map.

War Machines have a speed of 0 and are not taken into account for movement. Among normal units, the slowest are the Dendroid Guard, Dwarf, Peasant, Stone Golem, and Walking Dead (3) and the fastest is the Phoenix (21).

The hex grid of the battlefield is made of 11 rows of 15 hexes. Without obstacles, a speed of 10 or more is required to traverse from top to bottom, 14 or more to traverse from left to right, and 19 or more to traverse diagonally from one corner to its opposite.

Speed modifiers

In the best case, the maximum speed bonus from all these modifiers is +16, or +7 in the first round of combat before the spells can be cast. A stack of Phoenixes led by Sir Mullich on their native terrain and with the best magical help available would therefore get a speed of 37. In similarly favorable conditions, the slow Dendroid Guards would get a speed of 19, making them tied with Azure Dragons or Archangels (which have the same native terrain).

Fast unit chart

Listing only units allowing maximum movement (Speed of 11+):

Speed Units
11 Devil, Master Genie, Red Dragon, Scorpicore, Thunderbird, Titan, Wyvern Monarch
12 Angel, Silver Pegasus
13 Dragon Fly, Efreet Sultan
14 Ghost Dragon
15 Black Dragon, Faerie Dragon, Firebird
16 Crystal Dragon, Gold Dragon
17 Arch Devil, Rust Dragon
18 Archangel
19 Azure Dragon
21 Phoenix

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