For King and Country

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Cinematic Briefing[edit]



Eliminate your enemy.

Map Details[edit]


Map Size:

Total Castles: 5

Underground: Yes, but there's nothing important down there.


You start with your 6 best Heroes from the previous scenario, all of level about 15-20, and otherwise heavily upgraded. You also get 2 more level 10 Heroes, although their skill sets are less than optimum. Your enemy has one noob.

Starting Options[edit]

Between the first 2 items, and based on what magic you learned in the last scenario, you should be able to guarantee having most of the crucial spells Town Portal, Implosion, Fly, and Dimension Door. Or you can just take the +24 helm.


  • You start with 3 partly developed cities to the enemy's 2.
  • You have a massive Hero advantage, as noted above.
  • Accordingly, it should not be surprising that you should be able to capture both enemy cities within a matter of weeks.
  • It is hard to explore the Underworld without first conquering your enemy and ending the game. However, there's nothing of any real interest down there.
  • You get 21 external troop production facilities. You will need a paper play aid to keep track of them.