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King Lucifer Kreegan III is the King of Eeofol and the ruler of the Kreegans.

On the night that Xenofex was slain, he appeared to Lucifer Kreegan in a dream. He revealed which artifacts he would need to gather in order to construct Armageddon's Blade, and also showed him Khazandar, the smith who could forge it. He then showed him the effects of the blade:

"In an instant, a flash of white blinded me. My vision returned in time to see the blade conjure an ocean of fire to wash over the world. These waves of fire spread, fast as lightning, burning all in its path. When it was over, Xenofex and I stood face to face, on a world charred black. Examining the face of Xenofex, I saw only satisfaction and glee." — Lucifer Kreegan

Lucifer sent Xeron, his right-hand man and leader of the Sons of Erebus, to gather the artifacts and construct the sword. He warned him to never let pride stand in his way. "Xenofex was a fool and allowed himself to be arrogant and prideful. It was these things that lead to his demise at the hands of those heroes from Erathia."

Xeron had to battle against the heroes of the Conflux, as well as contend with Queen Catherine Ironfist, King Roland Ironfist, and Gelu, but he eventually managed to assemble the powerful artifact. Lucifer, meanwhile, stayed in Kreelah, the Kreegan capital.

When the forces of Catherine, Roland, and Gelu had defended their own lands against Kreegan invasions, they marched toward Kreelah. Catherine and Roland would invade from the south, while Gelu invaded through AvLee to cut off the Kreegans' escape route. Catherine wanted to make sure that Lucifer didn't escape, as they couldn't allow him to use Armageddon's Blade. Xeron decided to meet his enemies in battle, and travelled to Catherine and Roland's position with the Sons of Erebus, wielding Armageddon's Blade. He hoped to cut off their advance, but he was defeated in battle. He managed to teleport away to save himself, but his enemies claimed the blade.

The last remnants of the Kreegan clans gathered around Kreelah for their final stand, and Lucifer sent a message to the overlords of Nighon, asking for their help. Catherine and the others knew they had to invade Kreelah before the reinforcements could arrive. Before their final attack, Tamar the Wanderer told Catherine that Gelu had to be the one to wield the blade and face King Lucifer. "He has a destiny to fulfill that no one must be allowed to interfere with, for if he is to fall, everything shall turn to chaos. Oceans will boil, the ground shall swallow entire cities, and everyone will die a horrifying death."

Gelu led the charge into Kreelah and killed Lucifer in battle, before vanishing into Erathia's forests with Armageddon's Blade and his Forest Guard.