Festival of Life (event)

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An event happening every thirty years in Krewlod, allowing a new generation of upstart warlords the opportunity to challenge the ruling leader.

As part of the Festival, various monsters are allowed to proliferate and run rampant in one area of Krewlod's wilderness, so that the first task of the competing warlords is to tame the wilds. Those who succeed at that task then get to fight each others. After that, the survivor is allowed to attack the current leadership directly.

It is likely that this custom was created to allow Krewlod to have some political stability, as without such a system in place to legitimately overthrow the ruler, the barbarian nation would be nearly continuously in a state of civil war. The prospect of seizing power during the Festival of Life makes quietly waiting for it to happen more palatable than attempting to seize power by force as soon as possible, since it guarantees the winner legitimacy and thirty years of uncontested power.


  • House Degab
  • House Kilgor
  • House Telez‏‎
  • House Vilmit