Catherine's Charge

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1 - Restoration of Erathia Restoration of Erathia 1 - Restoration of Erathia
1. Homecoming
2. Guardian Angels
3. Griffin Cliff
1. A Devilish Plan
2. Groundbreaking
3. Steadwick's Fall
1. Borderlands
2. Gold Rush
3. Greed
1. Steadwick's Liberation
2. Deal With the Devil
3. Neutral Affairs
4. Tunnels and Troglodytes
1. A Gryphon's Heart
2. Season of Harvest
3. Corporeal Punishment
4. From Day to Night
1. Safe Passage
2. United Front
3. For King and Country
1. The Grail
2. The Road Home
3. Independence
2 - Armageddon's Blade Armageddon's Blade 2 - Armageddon's Blade
1. Catherine's Charge
2. Shadows of the Forest
3. Seeking Armageddon
4. Maker of Sorrows
5. Return of the King
6. A Blade in the Back
7. To Kill A Hero
8. Oblivion's Edge
1. Culling the Weak
2. Savaging the Scavengers
3. Blood of the Dragon Father
4. Blood Thirsty
1. Crystal Dragons
2. Rust Dragons
3. Faerie Dragons
4. Azure Dragons
1. Razor Claw
2. Taming of the Wild
3. Clan War
4. For the Throne
1. Farming Towns
2. March of the Undead
3. Burning of Tatalia
1. Lost at Sea
2. Their End of the Bargain
3. Here There Be Pirates
4. Hurry Up and Wait
3 - Shadow of Death Shadow of Death 3 - Shadow of Death
1. Clearing the Border
2. After the Amulet
3. Retrieving the Cowl
4. Driving for the Boots
1. Graduation Exercise
2. Cutthroats
3. Valley of the Dragon Lords
4. A Thief in the Night
1. Bashing Skulls
2. Black Sheep
3. A Cage in the Hand
4. Grave Robber
1. On the Run
2. The Meeting
3. A Tough Start
4. Falor and Terwen
5. Returning to Bracada
1. Target
2. Master
3. Finneas Vilmar
4. Duke Alarice
1. Harvest
2. Gathering the Legion
3. Search for a Killer
4. Final Peace
5. Secrets Revealed
6. Agents of Vengeance
7. Wrath of Sandro
8. Invasion
9. To Strive, To Seek
10. Barbarian Brothers
11. Union
12. Fall of Sandro
1. Poison Fit for a King
2. To Build a Tunnel
3. Kreegan Alliance
4. With Blinders On
4 - Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss 4 - Horn of the Abyss
1. Pirates and Palms
2. Master of the Island
3. Devil Sunrise
1. Prisoner of Doom
2. Evenmorn
3. The Shores of Hell
4. The Freedom of the Nix
5. In Search of the Horn
6. Treachery
1. Frontier
2. Heart of Water
3. Horn of the Abyss
4. All Hands on Board!
1. World on Fire
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. Dead or Alive
4. Tomb Raiders
5. Deus Ex Machina
6. Tarred and Feathered
7. New Order
8. Homecoming
5 - Heroes Chronicles Heroes Chronicles 5 - Heroes Chronicles
1. A Barbarian King
2. The Criminal King
3. Ultimatum
4. The War for the Mudlands
5. Siege of the Wallpeaks
6. Trapped!
7. Slash and Burn
8. Steelhorn
1. Cerberus Gate
2. The Boatman
3. Truth Within Nightmares
4. Twisted Tunnels
5. Jorm's Ambush
6. Old Wounds
7. The Queen's Command
8. Never Deal with a Demon
1. The Trouble with Magic
2. Walking on Clouds
3. Don't Drink the Water
4. Hard Place
5. The Secret in the Flames
6. The Magic that Binds
7. Birds of Fire
8. Master of the Elements
1. The Dragontalker
2. Dragon's Blood
3. The Dragon Mothers
4. Dragons of Rust
5. Distrust
6. Dragons of Gossamer Wings
7. Dragons of Deepest Blue
8. Clash of the Dragons
1. A Distant Cry
2. Senseless Destruction
3. The World Within
4. The Roots of Life
5. Rebirth
1. The Endless Sands
2. The Nameless Land
3. The Sparkling Bridge
4. The Fiery Moon
5. Vorr, the Insane
1. Hopewielder
2. The First Law
3. By Royal Decree
4. The King's Son
5. The Ransom
6. Beyond the Borders
7. Naming a Nation
8. The First Tatalian War
1. Tarnum the Overlord
2. The Land of the Vori
3. A New Enemy
4. A New Ally
5. The Capture
6. Tunnels of Ice
7. The Barbarian's Wife
8. The Protectors of the Sword
Eeofol troops have pushed to Erathia's border. Queen Catherine herself has chosen to stay the tide of these invaders by controlling the border and digging in until reinforcements can arrive. Catherine must not fail. Catherine's Charge Armageddon's Blade
2 Total Players / 1 Human Player
Underground disabled Size 2 (72×72) - M
Catherine must defeat all of her enemies or they will flood Erathia with their evil. If Queen Catherine dies then all hope is lost and the devils of Eeofol will easily win. Catherine will be allowed to advance to 18th level and carry over her experience, skills, and spells into her next scenario.
Victory condition:
Defeat All Enemies
Loss condition:
Lose Hero: Catherine
Allies: Blue Enemies: Red
Choose a bonus:
Start with 30 Pikeman(s)
Start with 20 Archer(s)
Start with 8 Griffin(s)
Difficulty 3: Hard - The player and the computer start with the same resources, and the computer plays to the best of its ability.
Carried to next scenario:
Max level:


Catherine Catherine: I have underestimated my opponent's strength and resolve. During the Restoration Wars, the Kreegans were of minor concern. Now they fight with an urgency neither I nor Roland have encountered. I have pulled the bulk of my forces back behind Erathia's border. Between us and the Kreegans lies Moss Valley. It is one of Erathia's more beautiful landscapes. Tactically, it is ideal. If I can hold this valley, I can close the border. Then I can determine how to destroy the demon king Lucifer and his quest to set the world on fire with Armageddon's Blade.


Timed events[edit]

Day Title Message
Day 1 Opening Following the initial invasion of Eeofol, you ran into the elite force of Kreegans known as the Fist of Unholy Might. These battle-hardened regiments pushed you back clear across the border and now threaten to push deeper into Erathia. It is here, in the Contested Lands that lie betwixt Erathia and Eeofol, where you plan to make your stand. Digging in until reinforcements can arrive is your plan and quite possibly Erathia's only hope.

Should you fail or be defeated, Erathia will forever know emptiness, despair, and shall suffer an eternity of darkness. May the blessings of the Temple of Light be upon you and those who serve under your command.

Day 6 An alert A scout comes racing to your camp bearing a message. He bows deeply before you and presents a scroll from General Morgan Kendal. His trembling fingers release the rolled parchment into your hands as sweat beads on his brow. This is not good news he brings.

"My Queen, I regret to inform you that the dark forces of Eeofol have broken through our eastern lines. I have failed you, but I swear to you on the grave of your beloved father that I shall fall back and protect Steadwick from these foul creatures." -- Morgan

Day 10 A Second Message From Kendal A rider enters your camp carrying a message scroll that bears the seal of General Morgan Kendal. You accept the scroll from the rider, break the seal, unroll the parchment, and peruse its contents.

"Pray pardon my Queen, but I must bring you grave news. Recently I have been witness to the strangest of occurrences. A town of odd architecture simply appeared from thin air. It had roofs like tulip bulbs made of bronze, brightly colored tent cloth everywhere, and the walls were guarded by elementals of all types. Since that first sighting, I have seen several more similar citadels dotting the countryside. I do not know the nature of these towns, nor do I know if they are hostile. Perhaps they might be persuaded to join us in our fight; perhaps we shall need to guard against them. I do not believe anyone in this region can remain neutral for long." -- Morgan

Day 15 Good News at Last A runner leaps off his steed in a hurry to bring urgent news to his Queen. You take the message scroll from the smiling runner and unfurl it. The note is smudged from water stains, but legible. Reading it brings some much-needed light to your soul. Good news at last has come.

"My dearest Catherine, I have amassed a sizeable force outside Steadwick. It will take some time to reach your position, as we will be first shoring up the eastern front. I plan to meet Kendal's army somewhere near Killian's Wake and push back those forces plaguing him there.

Once that task is completed and the Kreegan troops are routed, I shall bring our combined forces to your aid. You must hold out my love. Erathia's fate depends upon you holding the region. I will see you again. That I swear." -- Your loving husband, Roland
Day 21 A Message from Lucifer Pacing across the field, you wrack your brain for a way to make sense of this insane war you are waging. For what purpose could Lucifer be engaging in such insanity? What was there to gain from this? The answers to such questions will not come easily, nor without a heavy price attached.

As you ponder these and other matters, a timid monk clears his throat quietly to announce his presence. Spinning on your heels to face the sudden sound, your flame colored hair frames your face in such a way as to bring fear to the poor cleric. He shakily informs you that a crystal shard has been delivered moments ago with express instructions that it be shown to you immediately. Fearing it is a trap; the mages in your council choose to study it. Finding no magical traps or spells to harm their Queen, they show it to you.

A demonic face appears from inside the shard as soon as you approach. The face is bearded, horned, and has glistening sharp teeth. A wicked grin is firmly in place which rapidly becomes a sneer as it speaks.

"Ah, the famed Catherine Gryphonheart, or should I say Ironfist. Seems a much more appropriate name for you. In case you did not know, I am Lucifer Kreegan, King of Eeofol and Bringer of Doom.

I hope you realize your efforts to engage me are fruitless as was proven by my pushing your pathetic invasion back nearly to your own capitol. You cannot win against the might of my armies or the power of my secret weapon. This day shall see the end of your precious Antagarich, Enroth, and all that I survey. Prepare yourself for oblivion Catherine, Queen of Erathia, for it is coming soon."

With that, the image fades out and you are left alone with the threat hanging in the air. Muttering something about madmen, you go back to your planning session and prepare for the coming battles.

Day 29 Delays and Despair A bedraggled and forlorn looking runner arrived at your tent. He was wounded but waved off the attendants who tried to aid him. He had a message to bring. You could tell immediately by his countenance that the news was grave.

"My dearest wife, I must regret to inform you that we have met with great resistance in our journey to join up with General Kendal's forces. The minions of Eeofol are formidable indeed, much more so than I had anticipated.

Several hundred loyal warriors have fallen and I fear that many more will be sacrificed before this is over. I am now unable to predict when we will be available to fortify your position. You will need to hold out longer than I had originally been planning on.

I miss you terribly. Know that I will be there, no matter the price I must pay. Nothing shall keep me from your side. Perhaps one day soon we shall be able to return to Enroth and our beloved son, Nicolai." -- Roland.

Crushing the scroll, you entered your tent, eyes filled with tears.
Day 31 Rains Come A torrential rain begins. The rain bears an odd odor and seems to be eating away at steel weapons and armor. The court wizards do what they can to protect the troops from this acidic rain, but their powers are severely limited against such an assault. It will cost dearly to fix the damaged items.
Effect: -3 Ore Ore, -2000 Gold Gold
Day 33 Rains Are Useful The chief alchemist reports to you that they have found a way to collect the rain and extract some trace elements from it. This means a small quantity of sulfur can be gleaned from this otherwise gloomy downpour.
Effect: +6 Sulfur Sulfur
Day 51 A Ray of Hope On the First Day of the Festival of Life, the fearsome clouds that brought the hateful rainfall break. A brilliant light shines down upon the fields and bathes over you as you step out to view your troops, soothing your troubled soul. Perhaps the gods are favoring you at last.
Day 60 Terrible News A panic stricken man arrives in your camp one day with a message. Tearing it open, you pour over the letter, utter despair rapidly overcoming your otherwise noble visage. News that King Roland has been injured has arrived. Grief stricken, you retire to your tent in great haste.
Day 62 A Letter from Roland As you continue on your quest to exact revenge on the followers of the mad King Lucifer, your rage grows. The shadow that covers your soul threatens to engulf you fully, but a small light flickers when another runner arrives, haggard but smiling.

"My dearest Catherine. I am truly sorry I have not written, but I did hear you had received word of my injury. Let me assure you there is nothing to fear. The injuries I received were not severe, nor should you have been burdened with being informed of them.

I received the injuries when we finally met up with General Kendal's forces. A large army of demons and hellhounds had been guarding a pass and we needed to punch through. I led the charge but received some minor wounds as a result. I killed the thing responsible, fear not. All is well, as I hope it is with you and your campaign." -- Roland
Day 66 Assassin Last night, during the Hour of the Wolf, a lone assassin armed with demonic magic artifacts infiltrated your encampment with murder in his heart. As he passed near your tent opening, someone spotted him and Ketai, a young swordsman, captured him.

Upon his capture, you were immediately awoken, much to your chagrin. Your steely-eyed countenance later stared down this would be assassin. He was questioned for only a short time before you turned to your advisor.

"Have him drawn and quartered, then put on display as a warning."
Day 72 Catherine Sends For Gelu The forces of Eeofol have proven to be mighty indeed. As such, daring plans and cunning tactics are going to be needed to win this conflict. You summon one of your most trusted runners. You have need of a different type of soldier for the plan forming in your mind.

The Forest Guard has been acting as Erathia's eyes and ears for generations, perhaps now it is time to employ them for a different purpose. Quickly scribing a note on a piece of parchment, you send word to Gelu, the Forest Guard's captain, to undertake a special mission for you.

Day 90 Nicolai In the long months since you left Enroth, your days have been filled with strife, terror, grief, and triumph, yet you have never lost sight of what is important to you, your son Nicolai. Your thoughts drift now to him, as your worry for him, for he is alone in Enroth and has been ever since you were summoned home to Erathia and Roland was taken captive on the Night of Shooting Stars. Only the knowledge that Nicolai has the aid of Wilbur Humphrey, Roland's appointed Regent, consoles your aching heart. You miss your son terribly and desire greatly to return home. Perhaps when this war is over and peace finally settles on the land of your birth, you can return home to your son, even if for only a little while.
Day 112 Catherine's Speech You call your troops before you. Their morale is low and all are exhausted from the constant fighting and marching. You sit astride your steed, noble and proud in appearance, and ride to the top of a small rise. There you thrust high the banner of Erathia and speak.

"It has been one hundred and twelve days since the minions of this King Lucifer have invaded our land. We have held out bravely so far, but the true test of our courage and prowess is yet to come. King Roland and General Kendal are currently battling to save the eastern border, while we defend this region from Kreegan forces. However, we do battle with a powerful foe. The abominations we face in this conflict are hideous and fierce warriors, armed with potent elements of magic.

You have done well, my warriors, and I ask that you continue to do so in the fights to come. This will not be easy, but I promise you we will win, for we are of Erathia. We defeated the combined forces of Deyja, Eeofol, and Nighon before. This is only one third of that triumvirate. Fight on my warriors, for not just Erathia, but all of Antagarich depends on our victory here."

You sit tall and proud as the cheers of your men rise to meet you. You smile, knowing the coming fight, while difficult, will be won. You are confident of that.

Day 121 The War Drags On As the conflict drags on into its fourth month, the men seemed inspired yet weary. Reports from Steadwick have been trickling in from time to time, but it is getting longer and longer between messengers. Roland hasn't even sent a message for weeks.

Refusing to show weakness, you dispatch a messenger to learn about the fate of your husband's army. Concern for his safety and the need for your army's waning strength of resolve to improve pushed you to act. The messenger is urged to make sure the scroll is delivered to Roland's hands personally.

Day 135 The Messenger Returns A horseman approaches bearing a scroll. The man is the same one sent by you to locate Roland's forces. He bows deeply and passes his helm to a nearby page. Dusting himself off, he accepts an offered waterskin and takes a long drag from it. The cool water washes away some of the road's dirt.

"King Roland is deep in battle with the Kreegan forces and is unable to divert troops to you at this time. In the next few weeks some forces should be available for your use my Queen. He regrets he cannot be here to fight at your side."

Sending him away, you wander back to your tent.
Day 149 Troops Trickle In A messenger arrives, snaps a scroll into your hand, salutes, and leaves. Quickly you open the message and read, your face lighting up as you do so. As soon as you finish, you roll it back up and stuffed it into the pouch it came in, snap some orders, and press onward.

"My dearest Catherine, I have found it possible to order a small contingent of troops to your position. They have not been paid in a long while, so they will need that as well. They should arrive at Fort Defiance by the time you receive this letter. Walk with the Light my love." -- Roland



Location Message
33, 68, 0 Standing before you is a city whose architecture you do not recognize. The rounded roofs, the tall spires, the strange sounds emanating from within all coalesce to form some sort of strange entity your scholars cannot explain. This town wasn't here the last time you passed through. Where did it come from? Who built it? These are all questions racing through your mind. All you hope is the answers within will not lead you to a worse fate than the one that already befalls Erathia should you fail in your endeavor.
36, 5, 0 This gleaming citadel stands tall and defiant against the darkening skies that lay overhead. A sense of hope and wonderment overcomes you as you approach the front gates. At this point a scout from your outrider group trots back to report of creatures not spotted in Erathia for quite some time. They stand atop the walls and prepare for an assault. They seem wary of strangers but oddly are prepared for war. Is there something they know and you do not? With only one way to find out, you press on.
51, 38, 0 Eeofol, land of demons and devilkin. It is said that the [[Kreegans were a punishment from the gods for the sins committed by a people who strayed from the path of righteousness. The Night of Shooting Stars is seen by many as some sort of terrible omen of doom and despair. The once fertile land of Eeofol now lies burned and blackened, rivers of magma have replaced sparkling clear water and bubbling brooks now bubble with molten rock. It is a depressing sight indeed, but the need for perseverance has never presented itself more. King Lucifer must be stopped, else the whole of Antagarich suffer the same fate as the former homeland of the Halflings.
54, 57, 0 The blackened walls of the border gate that once protected these lands from the horrors that lay beyond now bears the heraldry of the Kreegan Clans of Eeofol. A sickening smell permeates the area, seeping beneath your clothing and into the pores of your skin. The noxious vapors of the volcanic lands of Eeofol have polluted the land and killed a great many trees. This is the fate that threatens to befall all of Erathia should the mad King Lucifer get his way. This is all you have to look forward to if you fail. This realization both terrifies you and strengthens your resolve.
56, 7, 0 Beyond these walls lies the dread land of Eeofol, a land of tremendous volcanic rifts and prodigious lava flows. Demons of all types and forms patrol the land, a land once fertile and green and populated by a peaceful race of little people called Halflings. That was until the Night of Shooting Stars when the Kreegans came. Now all that is left of their race is a few pocket villages. The demons scattered them to the four winds and turned them into an embittered people with little hope and no place to truly call home.
64, 14, 0 This city is Darqtane, named for a dark god long ago thought forgotten by the people of this land. His spirit lives on within the walls of this monument to his twisted soul, for Darqtane was a god of torture and suffering. The screams of Kreegan torture victims are like prayers to his glory.


Location Color Type Name
4, 39, 0 Blue Castle Defiance
9, 15, 0 Blue Castle Marshallston
12, 57, 0 Blue Castle Pandathalyn
33, 67, 0 Conflux Southerdale
36, 4, 0 Conflux Nothenden
36, 24, 0 Castle Endelstadt
36, 50, 0 Castle Goldenton
60, 37, 0 Red Inferno Jhantaqua
63, 60, 0 Red Inferno Noximaar
64, 13, 0 Red Inferno Darqtane
Town timed events[edit]
Day Title Message
Day 149 At Defiance (4, 39, 0):
Troops Trickle In
The following reinforcements have arrived.

Pikeman Halberdier 60 Pikemen and Halberdiers, Archer Marksman 35 Archers and Marksmen, Griffin Royal Griffin 25 Griffins and Royal Griffins,
Swordsman Crusader 15 Swordsmen and Crusaders, Cavalier Champion 10 Cavaliers and Champions


Location Color Hero
8, 40, 0 Blue Catherine Catherine the Knight
9, 16, 0 Blue Cuthbert Cuthbert the Cleric
12, 58, 0 Blue Sorsha Sorsha the Knight
37, 55, 0 Red Olema Olema the Heretic
39, 29, 0 Red Fiona Fiona the Demoniac


Location Type Message
18, 40, 0 Devil Devil "Welcome, Your Highness", the devil sneers. "King Lucifer sends his regards for the small part you played in his ascension to the throne. He also would like to pay his respects . . .over your cold grave for helping to slaughter his kin." With that, the group of devilkin launches into a brutal assault, bent on your destruction.
23, 40, 0 Horned Demon Horned Demon "No one may pass. Take your best shot. We will defeat you."
24, 69, 0 Fire Elemental Fire Elemental Standing before you is a troop of men made of living flame. Their unblinking eyes stare at you. They do not speak but instead move to attack. They appear to be protecting something or some place.
25, 4, 0 Pixie Pixie "We pixies have been entrusted to maintain the sanctity of this Elemental Conflux. Enter if you dare. This is a sacred valley and we will not let it be disturbed lightly. If we deem you worthy, perhaps we shall let you in."
41, 67, 0 Earth Elemental Earth Elemental The walls of the mountain to your left and right suddenly shift and out from them meld several dozen large man-shaped creatures. Staring into their eyeless sockets is highly unnerving, but you do what you must to protect your men.