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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
Quest GateQuest Gate (water)
Quest Gates as seen on the adventure map.

Quest Gate is an adventure map object that does not allow a hero to pass, unless the requirements of the quest are fulfilled. Completing the quest works in a similar way as in Seer's Huts. There are several different types of quests the guard can have. They are:

  • Achieve certain experience Level
  • Achieve certain levels in primary skills (They can be independent for each skill.)
  • Defeat a specific hero
  • Defeat a specific wandering creature stack
  • Belong to one of the selected hero classes
  • Return with an artifact or artifacts (They are lost when completing the quest.)
  • Return with a certain number of specific creatures (They are lost when completing the quest.)
  • Return with resources (They are lost when completing the quest.)
  • Be a specific hero
  • Be a specific color
  • Return at/after a specific date

If you return after having received your quest but before completing it, you might get a message that contains more hints.

Provided a Quest Gate has a deadline, once it has passed the quest will be no longer available and the Quest Gate will be locked forever.

Entering the Quest Gate requires completing the Gate's quest every time. This is significant for the artifact, creature, and resource quests as those will have to be spent for each crossing.

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