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Tavern as seen on adventure map.
Castle Castle tavern (outline).gif
Rampart Rampart tavern (outline).gif
Tower Tower tavern (outline).gif
Inferno Inferno tavern (outline).gif
Necropolis Necropolis tavern (outline).gif
Dungeon Dungeon tavern (outline).gif
Stronghold Stronghold tavern (outline).gif
Fortress Fortress tavern (outline).gif
Conflux Conflux tavern (outline).gif
Cove Cove tavern (outline).gif

Building cost: 500 Gold 5 Wood.
Buildings required: none.

General purpose
Tavern is a building where a player may hire heroes, visit Thieves' Guild and hear rumors. It also increases morale of the defending hero's army by +1. Additionally, Taverns can also be found on adventure map, where they have the same functions except the morale increase. In original Restoration of Erathia the heroes available for hiring in a Tavern on adventure map were different than the ones in towns' taverns. However, this was changed somewhere along the updates.

Hiring heroes
Heroes can be hired to the service of kingdom at the price of 2500 Gold. There are always two new heroes available for hire, and if one is hired, a new one will appear. However, at the beginning of each week (including the beginning of the map) the two heroes have a random number of creatures with them associated with the town type they represent. After either one is hired, the new hero appearing will only have one non-upgraded first level creature in his army. Additionally, at the beginning of each week, at least one of the heroes (left one) will be from the town the player represents. In original Restoration of Erathia heroes always had a new set of creatures with them, which lead to tactics where players hired several heroes in order to speed up the beginning.

Hearing rumors
In the tavern screen above the heroes is a small rectangle where bar keeper whispers rumors. The game has a bunch of built-in rumors, but the map maker can enter own rumors as many of as he sees fit. This in mind, rumors can be extremely helpful or completely nonsense. Default rumors can, for example, reveal the terrain of which the grail is buried or which player has the most artifacts.

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss a variant of Tavern for water terrain was added. Hired hero appears in a boat.
Tavern (water).gif

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