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need source[edit]

Although in the original Restoration of Erathia there was an adventure map location called market of time, which supposedly was intended to allow hero to "forget" secondary skills.

Bad Hero & No Artifacts (TheKnownWorld/MeKick)[edit]

Bad Hero & No Artifacts

static numeration[edit]

Is it just me or is the formatting terribly off for the static numeration? - juq

Probably depends on your skin. Do you know which one you are using? Posting a screenshot would also help us figure it out. is pretty easy to use. ima 21:59, 22 March 2021 (UTC)
hxxps:// Because the width of the chart is shortened many of the secondary skills are taking up 2 lines, thus we have this. - juq
Mine doesn't seem to have that problem: Which internet browser are you using? ima 00:16, 23 March 2021 (UTC)
How does the page look here: ima 00:19, 23 March 2021 (UTC)
I use Yandex Browser, based on Chromium. - Juq


 Q: Were you aware of earth magic or logistics supremacy, or how useless eagle eye or learning are?
 A: Keep in mind, at the time, HoMM3 was considered, first and foremost, a single player game.  If a skill or spell proved to be overpowered, it wasn’t a big concern, because the overwhelming number of games were human versus ai.  If we had known, twenty years later, HoMM3 would be a competitive multiplayer game, we would have given ‘balance’ extra attention.
 This being said, at the time, we did not know Earth Magic or Logistics would be considered overpowered.
 Learning could have used a buff, but we were worried about it becoming a ‘required skill’, so we errored on the side of ‘underpowered’.
 Eagle Eye was a hold over from HoMM2, and within NWC it wasn’t considered ‘useless’.  Regardless, in hindsight, it could have been cut.
 Q: Were there dedicated testers and balance designers in the dev team of Heroes III?
 A: Short answer... no.  Please keep in mind, at the time, network play was a relatively new thing, and the thought of competitive HoMM3 was inconceivable.  Also, dedicated balance designers and testers didn’t really become a thing until Starcraft became an esport in South Korea.  Today, it is standard practice for any pure multiplayer game.

Greg Fulton, the lead designer of HoMM3 (RoE and AB)

Behemoth Cave [1] Interview (2020.11.20)

Fanstratics Newsletter #10 (June 2021)