With Sword and Fire

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With Sword and Fire Horn of the Abyss
2 Total Players / 1 Human Player
Underground disabled Size 1 (36×36) - S
There comes a day when even a ranger as legendary as Kyrre can't find her way out of the forest maze. To make things worse, the woods are peppered with traps and riddles. Seeing as elves can't bring themselves to hurt the trees, she will have to hack and burn someone else.
Victory condition:
Acquire Artifact or Defeat All Enemies: Golden Goose
Loss condition:
Lose All Your Towns and Heroes
Allies: Orange Enemies: Purple
Choose a bonus:
Carried to next scenario:
Max level:

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  • Fun, challenging single-player puzzle map. Every battle is winnable even if it seems impossible.
  • Tip: Most fights, you can't lose any troops, but not all...