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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
Trailblazer as seen on the adventure map.

"I know these wastes like the back of my hand. Even if I haven't been somewhere, I'll figure out how to find the way. I suppose I could tag along with you for a week if you need a hand," says the man in this tent.

Trailblazer is an adventure map location that reduces the movement penalty on wasteland terrain by 50% (from 125% to 75%) for the visiting hero for the rest of the week.

The effect does not stack with Pathfinding, Wayfarer's Boots, or having Wasteland as a native terrain; the total penalty will still be 75%.

  • Limit per zone: 1;
  • Terrain: wasteland;
  • Value: 200;
  • Frequency: 40.

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