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Tutorial1 10.png

This is the Inferno Town Screen. Despite its different appearance, building and recruiting is

handled exactly the same. Click on the Town Hall (on the hill on the left side of the screen), and

build the Birthing Pools. The Birthing Pools are one of many Horde Structures that can be built

in Heroes III. Each town type has one or two horde structures, which when built, increase the

weekly production of the creature generator they are built for. Similar to the horde structures are

Resource Silos. Resource Silos are added to an existing marketplace, and produce additional

resources for your kingdom the same way a mine does.

Switch to your Castle town by clicking on the town portrait button on the bottom-right of the

screen. This works in the same fashion as the town portrait buttons on the adventure screen.

Click on the Town Hall and buy a City Hall. Notice how the Town Hall Building has now been

upgraded to the City Hall. In Heroes II you needed to build a Castle to increase your town’s

income, but in Heroes III, town income is dependant upon its Hall. Upgrading the Town Hall to

a City Hall doubles your town’s income. Later you can build the City Hall into a Capitol, which

will double your town’s income again.

Exit the town screen and end your turn.

Week 1, Day 7

Starting out from your Inferno town, send your Knight northeast along the road until he reaches

the shipyard. Not all towns in Heroes III can build shipyards, so in many cases you will need to

seek out one on the adventure map. Shipyards are flaggable structures, allowing you to build

boats without actually sending a hero there. Visit the shipyard (it will flag to your color), and

purchase a boat, then move your Knight onto the boat. Notice how the cursor changes to a boat

icon to indicate that you will be boarding the boat. Boarding (or leaving) a boat uses any

remaining movement points your hero may have for that day.