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This is the first map of the Heroes of Might and Magic III: Restoration of Erathia campaign Long Live the Queen.


Our landing has confirmed both our rumors and fears. With the death of my father, Erathia's lands are being greedily divided by her neighbors.

Cinematic Briefing[edit]

Our landing has captured a devastated outpost. Information is scarce and unreliable at best. Neighboring citizens have fled their villages. Remaining survivors tell conflicting stories. Evidence points to a Nighon invasion. Rally local militia and train them quickly. Destroy all hostile forces you encounter. Assume the worst. Assume we are at war.


From Catherine Ironfist, Queen of Enroth: "General, our initial landing shows evidence of an invasion by the Dungeon Overlords of Nighon."

"These people have been under Nighon military rule for the past thirty days. We assume the adjacent towns of Plinth, Mirham, and Trailia are also under Nighon or Eeofol occupation."

"Other generals are fanning through the region to determine the extent of the territorial violation. For this area, your goal is simple. Establish a base of operations, rally local militia, determine the extent of the Nighon occupation, and find their invasion route."

"If you can secure their main base of operations, we will be able to quickly eliminate any remaining forces. Good luck."


To win, you must locate and capture the town of Terraneus. Your Heroes will be limited to 6th level in this scenario, but your 4 strongest Heroes will travel with you to the next scenario of this campaign.

Map Details[edit]

Difficulty: Easy

Map Size: Medium

Next map: Guardian Angels


You start with Sir Christian.

The enemy starts with Xyron.

Starting Options[edit]