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In 2018, Gregory Fulton, one of the lead designers of HoMM3, answered a question about origins of angels and archangels:

"Over the course of my time at New World, on occasion, typically when taking a break, I would wander into Paul Rattner’s office.  Even though MM6 was in mid production, Paul was already thinking about MM7, so I made sure to update him on what was happening with HoMM3.
When I told him about the changes to the factions, I specifically mentioned the Angels.  At that point in time, Paul was essentially the lore master for the MM universe.  On the topic of the Angels and Arch Angels, he proposed they be sophisticated robots created by the Ancients to hunt down and eradicate the Kreegans.  I agreed, and we ran with it." [1]

This idea, however, was never clearly revealed in-game.

This might also explain how all artifact components of Angelic Alliance excluding the necklace and possibly the helmet (however, a similar helmet is worn by Angels in Might and Magic 7) are based on their equipment - breastplate, sandals, shield and sword could be examples of hyper-advanced technology of the Ancients. In Restoration of Erathia game the main menu's background depicts an Archangel in blue-tinted armor, wielding two-handed sword with blade resembling Armageddon's Blade that burns with animated fire. Restoration of Erathia loading screen also uses this picture, without animation. In-game, their armor is polished steel in unit avatar picture and matt dark gray in combat. They fight using one-handed sword with wavy blade, similar to flamberge, and shield with Erathian coat of arms.


Factory's steampunk technology and Wild West style is likely a nod to the unreleased Forge town, as in the drawing board phases both a steampunk and a sci-fi version were designed. However, the steampunk concept was abandoned by NWC due to sci-fi technology and themes appearing in the Might & Magic series, as well as the futuristic looking Heavenly Forge, that serves as the basis of the town. The only nod to a wild west steampunk theme is an obscure piece of artwork for the tavern that was quickly discarded in favour of a concrete building.


The Ogre in one of the ab wallpapers is in fact a Stinger or Bruiser (the Forge level 4 troop), disarmed and defeated by Gelu. You can also see the laser-pointer of one of them in a wallpaper featuring Mutare in dragon-form.

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