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玩 游戏 就 很 快乐, 尤其是 《英雄无敌3》。
Playing games is very happy, especially HoMM3.

I wonder if someone needs to translate the content of the article into other languages, such as Russian or Chinese.
If wiki needs to translate content into Chinese, feel free to leave a message here at any time, although I may not often read it.

Missing campaign info[edit]

  • Please tell me if any other campaign info is missing, while I don't usually focus on that part of the wiki, I'll gladly find you the appropriate text from the campaigns. - Csaros (talk)
  • Glad to see you! I would be happy to tell you that the special victory conditions of Hurry Up and Wait, Farming Towns and Taming of the Wild are missing. The first one's victory condition is Survive beyond a time limit or Defeat All Enemies. The second one's is Defeat all monsters or Defeat All Enemies. The third one is Defeat all monsters. However, I didn't find a proper template which can show the special info and I am not good at create a new template. The icons for these victory conditions are the same as those for Defeating All Enemies. I will manually export the maps these days and check if there are any missing text. (My English is not very good, so maybe the meanings are not clear, sorry about that.) - Sanust (talk)
  • It's so weird how I've never before seen Foolhardy Weariness or Playing with Fire. Somehow I missed them all these years. But nonetheless:
    • Hurry up and go is Loss: Lose a specific hero (Christian the Knight), Victory: None (so defeat all enemies)
    • Farming Towns: Loss: Lose Adrienne, Victory: None (so defeat all enemies)
    • Taming the Wild: Loss: Time limit: 4 months. Win: None (so defeat all enemies).
  • That's what I found from the exported campaign maps. Cheers. - Csaros (talk)
  • I have exported these campaign maps before. But in fact, the victory conditions are just these things mentioned above in game. I have some screenshots. Would you like to see them? If you have played these campaigns before, I'm sure that you won't doubt my words. XD -Sanust (talk)
  • I use h3maped to view the Victory condition. I played all Armageddon's blade, but it seems I somehow missed Foolhardy Weariness and Playing with Fire, I don't know how, it's peculiar. I don't doubt that these campaigns exist or that their conditions are missing. Often campaigns include different text than an actual loss condition or vice versa. While World on Fire doesn't say that you can't lose Henrietta or Frederick on map 2, you can't because otherwise you can't play the next map. - Csaros (talk)
  • O.O You should've seen my face when I saw those screenshots. What? How? How is this possible? What? I have so many questions... Do both conditions actually work? - Csaros (talk)
  • YES!!! THE CONDITIONS WORK!!! It means the two new Horn of the Abyss special victory conditions both come from campaigns in Armageddon's Blade!!! I have edited Victory and Loss Conditions since I found the fact(in user commentary). I also have the screenshots after completing the special victory conditions, but they were lost. But I can give you the texts. Would you mind visiting the user commentary for these three campaigns? - Sanust (talk)
  • Check out the new file. I forgot that this is what the HotA map editor already does somehow. But it is still a big deal, now that we have the new campaign editor. - Csaros (talk)
  • I think part of the issue is that some campaign levels are coded with multiple victory/loss conditions, but the in-game display and the map editor don't support that (as far as I know). --Legate (talk) 14:39, 29 January 2024 (UTC)
    • e.g. Fall of Sandro is technically a Time Expires loss condition, but you also lose if any of the main heroes are defeated (so a secondary Lose Hero condition).
    • If there were some way to view these secondary loss conditions, I would definitely be up for modifying the scenario template/pages (see Template: ScenarioVars table), but so far we haven't figured out a way to get this info other than trial and error/guess :(
  • In fact, if you can extract VcDesc.txt in the encrypted file H3ab_bmp.lod under the Data folder, you will see the hidden two special victory conditions at the end of this file. So these victory conditions are just AB's contents, not HotA's contents. HotA map editor just unhided the two conditions. But strangely, HotA map editor can't identify these special campaign maps with the hidden special victory conditions. I supposed the two hidden conditions are inside the game, not inside the maps or the campaigns. - Sanust (talk) (By the way, the new campaign editor is really useful!)
  • So do we need to use HotA victory conditions in these special campaign? Or create new attribute templates for those? - Sanust (talk)
  • That's crazy how the original campaigns have two loss conditions and the modern hota mapmaker cannot even do that. Clearly, we need an update. And I guess you could make it into a special victory condition Armageddon's Blade? Something like that? After all it does appear in AB campaigns and there only. On the other hand, it cannot be chosen in the Map Editor... Tough choice. - Csaros (talk)
  • Sanust - if you update the victory/loss conditions on the campaign scenario pages, make sure to also update the campaign pages (e.g. Playing with Fire) and the map list (e.g. List of campaign maps (HotA)). --Legate (talk) 14:08, 30 January 2024 (UTC)
    • OK! Thank you for your reminder! --Sanust (talk) 14:30, 30 January 2024 (UTC)