Celestial Necklace of Bliss

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t Amulet of the Undertaker
R Celestial Necklace of Bliss
t Collar of Conjuring
M Garniture of Interference
M Necklace of Dragonteeth
M Necklace of Ocean Guidance
t Necklace of Swiftness
M Pendant of Courage
t Pendant of Death
t Pendant of Dispassion
t Pendant of Free Will
t Pendant of Holiness
t Pendant of Life
M Pendant of Negativity
M Pendant of Second Sight
t Pendant of Total Recall
M Statesman's Medal
M Pendant of Downfall Horn of the Abyss
C Pendant of Reflection Horn of the Abyss
Celestial Necklace of Bliss
Celestial Necklace of Bliss Class: relic
Slot: neck
Cost: 12000 Gold
Effect: Worn about the neck, the Celestial Necklace of Bliss increases all four primary skills by +3.
After rescuing a Sorceress from a cursed tomb, she rewards your heroism with an exquisite jeweled necklace.

Celestial Necklace of Bliss is a relic class artifact equipped in the neck slot. When equipped, the necklace increase all four hero's primary skills by 3.

You cannot purchase relic artifacts in Artifact Merchants.

Part of the Angelic Alliance.

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