Gremlin and Master Gremlin

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Tower creatures
Level 1
Gremlin Gremlin
Master Gremlin Master Gremlin
Level 2
Stone Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle
Obsidian Gargoyle Obsidian Gargoyle
Level 3
Stone Golem Stone Golem
Iron Golem Iron Golem
Level 4
Mage Mage
Arch Mage Arch Mage
Level 5
Genie Genie
Master Genie Master Genie
Level 6
Naga Naga
Naga Queen Naga Queen
Level 7
Giant Giant
Titan Titan
Castle Rampart Tower
Inferno Necropolis Dungeon
Stronghold Fortress Conflux
Cove Neutral
Creature Gremlin.gif
 Cost per troop 
Resource Gold 20x18.gif

Attack 3
Defense 3
Damage 1–2
Health 4
Speed 4
Movement Ground
Size 1
Growth 16
AI Value 44
Master Gremlin
Creature Master Gremlin.gif
 Cost per troop 
Resource Gold 20x18.gif

Attack 4
Defense 4
Damage 1–2
Health 4
Speed 5
Movement Ground
Size 1
Shots 8
Growth 16
AI Value 66
 Special abilities:
Ranged attack
Workshop  Gremlin (adventure map).gifMaster Gremlin (adventure map).gif

Gremlins and Master Gremlins are level 1 creatures of Tower town. They are recruited from Workshop.

Gremlins are indentured to menial labor around a Tower. While they are not great warriors by any standard, they are numerous and willing. Gremlins attack with their attached balls and chains.

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