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Tower on the adventure map.
Tower with a fort, as seen on the adventure map.

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Tower is a good alignment town with alchemist and wizard hero classes. Tower populations are comprised of creatures bound into service by powerful magic, made on the spot, or allied with the town through ancient pacts. Tower represents Bracada.

Tower's native terrain is snow.

Tower Creature Dwellings[edit]

Tower Specific Buildings[edit]

Tower building tree (Shadow of Death)[edit]


In Horn of the Abyss building tree was changed:

Halls Fortifications Tavern, Marketplace & Resource Silo Mage Guilds
Village Hall Village Hall Fort Fort Tavern Tavern Mage Guild level 1 Mage Guild level 1
Tower Town Hall large.gif Town Hall Citadel Citadel Marketplace Marketplace Mage Guild level 2 Mage Guild level 2
City Hall City Hall Castle Castle Resource Silo Resource Silo
Produces +1 Gem
Mage Guild level 3 Mage Guild level 3
Capitol Capitol Blacksmith
Ammo cart.png
Mage Guild level 4 Mage Guild level 4
Mage Guild level 5 Mage Guild level 5
Resource Basic Upgrades All
Gold 28300 37500 111300
Wood 50 25 135
Ore 65 20 135
Crystal 13 8 49
Gem 23 38 89
Mercury 7 13 48
Sulfur 7 8 43
Troop cost/week: 30800 Gold + 4 Gem

Tower heroes[edit]

Name Class Specialty Skill 1 Skill 2 Spell
Fafner Fafner  Alchemist  Specialty Nagas small.gif  Nagas Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Basic Resistance  Basic Resistance  Haste small.png Haste 
Iona Iona  Alchemist  Specialty Genies small.gif  Genies Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Basic Intelligence  Basic Intelligence  Magic Arrow small.png Magic Arrow 
Josephine Josephine  Alchemist  Specialty Golems small.gif  Golems Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism  Basic Sorcery  Basic Sorcery  Haste small.png Haste 
Neela Neela  Alchemist  Specialty Armorer small.gif  Armorer Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Basic Armorer  Basic Armorer  Shield small.png Shield 
Piquedram Piquedram  Alchemist  Specialty Gargoyles small.gif  Gargoyles Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism  Basic Scouting  Basic Scouting  Shield small.png Shield 
Rissa Rissa  Alchemist  Specialty Mercury small.gif  Mercury Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism  Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Magic Arrow small.png Magic Arrow 
Thane Thane  Alchemist  Specialty Genies small.gif  Genies Advanced Scholar  Advanced Scholar    Magic Arrow small.png Magic Arrow 
Torosar Torosar  Alchemist  Specialty Ballista small.gif  Ballista Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Magic Arrow small.png Magic Arrow 
Aine Aine  Wizard  Specialty Gold small.gif  Gold Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Curse small.png Curse 
Astral Astral  Wizard  Specialty Hypnotize small.gif  Hypnotize Advanced Wisdom  Advanced Wisdom    Hypnotize small.png Hypnotize 
Cyra Cyra  Wizard  Specialty Haste small.gif  Haste Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Diplomacy  Basic Diplomacy  Haste small.png Haste 
Daremyth Daremyth  Wizard  Specialty Fortune small.gif  Fortune Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Intelligence  Basic Intelligence  Fortune small.png Fortune 
Halon Halon  Wizard  Specialty Mysticism small.gif  Mysticism Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism  Stone Skin small.png Stone Skin 
Serena Serena  Wizard  Specialty Eagle Eye small.gif  Eagle Eye Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Eagle Eye  Basic Eagle Eye  Dispel small.png Dispel 
Solmyr Solmyr  Wizard  Specialty Chain Lightning small.gif  Chain Lightning Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Sorcery  Basic Sorcery  Chain Lightning small.png Chain Lightning 
Theodorus Theodorus  Wizard  Specialty Magi small.gif  Magi Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Ballistics  Basic Ballistics  Shield small.png Shield 
Dracon Dracon Armageddon's Blade  Wizard  Specialty Enchanters small.gif  Enchanters Advanced Wisdom  Advanced Wisdom    Haste small.png Haste 

Tower creatures[edit]

Name  Town Lvl Att Def D- D+ HP Spd Grw Val Cost  Special
Gremlin Gremlin Town portrait Tower small.gif 1 3 3 1 2 4 4 16 44 30 Gold  
Master Gremlin Master Gremlin Town portrait Tower small.gif 1+ 4 4 1 2 4 5 16 66 40 Gold   Ranged (8 shots)
Stone Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle Town portrait Tower small.gif 2 6 6 2 3 16 6 9 165 130 Gold   Unliving, Flying
Obsidian Gargoyle Obsidian Gargoyle Town portrait Tower small.gif 2+ 7 7 2 3 16 9 9 201 160 Gold   Unliving, Flying
Stone Golem Stone Golem Town portrait Tower small.gif 3 7 10 4 5 30 3 6 250 150 Gold   Unliving, Spell Damage Resistance +50%
Iron Golem Iron Golem Town portrait Tower small.gif 3+ 9 10 4 5 35 5 6 412 200 Gold   Unliving, Spell Damage Resistance +75%
Mage Mage Town portrait Tower small.gif 4 11 8 7 9 25 5 4 570 350 Gold   Ranged (24 shots), No melee penalty, No obstacle penalty, Spells cost -2 sp
Arch Mage Arch Mage Town portrait Tower small.gif 4+ 12 9 7 9 30 7 4 680 450 Gold   Ranged (24 shots), No melee penalty, No obstacle penalty, Spells cost -2 sp
Genie Genie Town portrait Tower small.gif 5 12 12 13 16 40 7 3 884 550 Gold   Flying, Hates Efreets
Master Genie Master Genie Town portrait Tower small.gif 5+ 12 12 13 16 40 11 3 942 600 Gold   Flying, Spellcaster, Hates Efreets
Naga Naga Town portrait Tower small.gif 6 16 13 20 20 110 5 2 2016 1100 Gold   No enemy retaliation
Naga Queen Naga Queen Town portrait Tower small.gif 6+ 16 13 30 30 110 7 2 2840 1600 Gold   No enemy retaliation
Giant Giant Town portrait Tower small.gif 7 19 16 40 60 150 7 1 3718 2000 Gold , 1 Gem  Immunity to Mind
Titan Titan Town portrait Tower small.gif 7+ 24 24 40 60 300 11 1 7500 5000 Gold , 2 Gem  Ranged (24 shots), No melee penalty, Immunity to Mind, Hates Black Dragons


The information found in this section is subjective. Remember that each and every situation in H3 is different and may call for different strategies and tactics.
  • Tower armies have some of the best ranged-attack units available.
  • A good strategy for Tower is to upgrade Workshop as soon as possible in order to upgrade Gremlins into shooting Master Gremlins. With relatively fast Stone Gargoyles it is possible to form protective wall of gargoyles around a stack of Master Gremlins. This works especially good against wandering creatures. The downside is, that Master Gremlins only have 8 shots, which can sometimes run out. Additionally, casting Haste on Master Gremlins makes them typically act first.
  • Another useful strategy is to form few strong troops and to fill the rest of the slots with one (or few) Master Genie each. During the combat Master Genies' can use their special ability to cast spells on the strong troops to furthermore boost their abilities. This way it is possible to cast 4–6 spells per turn. This is especially useful when playing on Difficult/Impossible difficulty. Buy the Tower hero from the Tavern in the first weeks. Collect all Gremlins into one stack and upgrade them to Master Gremlins. The moment you can recruit Master Genies, fill the 6 other slots with one each, or make two stacks of Gremlins and use 5 Master Genies. With about 200-300 Master Gremlins you can defeat most wandering creatures without losses and your army is very cheap which lets you save Gold for the upgraded Cloud Temple. In the first round of every fight you cast spells onto your Gremlins until they got Haste and/or Prayer to be faster than the enemy creatures. Then they will get ~ 2 full arrow shots out. Because they often get Precision, Bless, or Frenzy as well, their attack becomes ridiculously strong. Mirth often boosts their morale to let them maybe shoot an additional time.
  • Tower's town defense is made easy by cheap, resilient, and rapidly growing golems. When defending in the early game, fill all slots of your town with equal numbers of golems. In the first round, spread them behind the walls to minimize the effect of area-of-effect spells like Fireball, Meteor Shower, Frost Ring, Inferno, etc. The golems also have a good damage reduction against spells so spells will not bring you down. Then, always defend and don't attack yourself. Your towers will take care of all enemy troops because it takes a long time to kill golems.
  • Giants are not much use until they are upgraded to Titans. In fact, they only have 150 health which makes them quite vulnerable. However, upgrading them is very expensive.
  • Tower towns are very powerful in the late game, and draw much of their lore from the "wizard" hero in Heroes of Might and Magic II. Their creatures and structures are fairly pricey and on maps with scarce resources, you may find it difficult advancing your dwellings and especially acquiring titans. One tip for the thrifty wizard is skip upgrading some of your low level creatures. Gargoyles benefit with a speed boost to obsidian gargoyles, and master gremlins are a must (the Workshop is very cheap to upgrade), but until master genies, most creature upgrades are not necessary.
  • The lookout tower is a very helpful addition in the early game, and never underestimate the incredibly effective library structure. Despite its high resource cost, the ability to gain extra spells for all levels is invaluable, and secures the tower as one of the strongest overall towns in the game.
  • However, after assembling a decent army consisting mostly of Titans, Naga Queens and several other support units like a few Master Genie stacks to buff your creatures, you can defeat almost any neutral stack at the time, especially if the hero knows Expert Slow.


  • Powerful units.
  • Three ranged units and two fliers.
  • Magic themed town.
    • Library allows extra spells for each level of the Mage Guild.
    • Both hero types begin with a Spell Book and a starting spell.
    • Golems take lower spell damage than any other town units (not regarding those who are completely immune to this or that spell).
    • Magi and Arch magi decrease spell cost by 2.
    • Master Genies cast spells.
  • Good support heroes, with many Scholars.
  • Powerful protection of the town via Land Mines.


  • Expensive units, with troops costing 30,800 gold and 4 gems to buyout every week.
  • Gargoyles and Golems cannot be resurrected in any way.
  • Requires lots of valuable resources.
  • Relatively slow town (fastest troops move at speed 11). Nagas which are often Tower's main power are among the slowest on 5-7 level.
  • Prior to their upgrade, many units have significant weaknesses, and basic Gremlins and Giants are on the bottom of their level.
  • The most expensive town to build up.
  • Apart from Dungeon, Tower is perhaps the worst town to play on Impossible level, as Mage Tower which is necessary for 5-7 level dwellings requires Mage Guild and every type of resources (in Dungeon, 3rd level dwelling takes all types of resources). The ability of Master Gremlins to shoot is a big advantage, though.
  • Playing against Inferno, beware of Efreeti who can easily destroy your Genies due to 150% damage output. Efreeti are one level higher than Genies (6th vs. 5th), and therefore stronger and faster.

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