Sentinel's Shield

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m Buckler of the Gnoll King
M Dragon Scale Shield
R Lion's Shield of Courage
R Sentinel's Shield
M Shield of the Damned
t Shield of the Dwarven Lords
m Shield of the Yawning Dead
M Targ of the Rampaging Ogre
M Shield of Naval Glory Horn of the Abyss
Sentinel's Shield
Sentinel's Shield Class: relic
Slot: shield
Cost: 10000 Gold
Effect: Held with the left hand, this relic increases hero's defense skill by +12, but reduces attack skill by -3.
You find a large box that seems to be made from some unknown metal. When you touch it, the box opens with a loud hiss, revealing a gleaming shield within.

Sentinel's Shield is a relic class artifact equipped in the shield slot. While equipped the shield increases hero's defense skill by +12 while decreases hero's attack skill by -3. As a relic class artifact, Sentinel's Shield cannot be purchased from Artifact Merchants.

In the Shadow of Death expansion, Sentinel's Shield is a part of combination artifact called the Titan's Thunder. The other parts are the Titan's Cuirass, the Titan's Gladius and the Thunder Helmet.

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