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Neutral creatures
Level 1
Peasant Peasant Armageddon's Blade
Halfling Halfling Armageddon's Blade
Level 2
Rogue Rogue Armageddon's Blade
Boar Boar Armageddon's Blade
Leprechaun Leprechaun Horn of the Abyss
Level 3
Nomad Nomad Armageddon's Blade
Mummy Mummy Armageddon's Blade
Level 4
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter Armageddon's Blade
Satyr Satyr Horn of the Abyss
Steel Golem Steel Golem Horn of the Abyss
Level 5
Troll Troll Armageddon's Blade
Gold Golem Gold Golem
Fangarm Fangarm Horn of the Abyss
Level 6
Diamond Golem Diamond Golem
Enchanter Enchanter Armageddon's Blade
Level 7
Faerie Dragon Faerie Dragon Armageddon's Blade
Rust Dragon Rust Dragon Armageddon's Blade
Crystal Dragon Crystal Dragon Armageddon's Blade
Azure Dragon Azure Dragon Armageddon's Blade
Castle Stronghold Inferno
Rampart Fortress Necropolis
Tower Conflux Dungeon
Factory Cove
 Cost per troop 


Attack 12
Defense 10
Damage 8–10
Health 15
Speed 9
Movement Ground
Size 1
Shots 32
Growth 4
AI Value 585
 Special abilities:
Ranged attack
• No range penalty
• No obstacle penalty
Treetop Tower  

Sharpshooters are level 4 neutral creatures recruited from the Treetop Tower.

"Specially trained by the guerrilla warrior Gelu, Sharpshooters are a select troop. Recruited from the ranks of Archers, Marksmen, Wood Elves, and Grand Elves, Sharpshooters use a huge recursive, compound longbow. More than five feet in length, three bowstrings running through the pulleys on both ends, aid in the power and precision of their attacks. With their training, distance and siege walls are not a hindrance." AB manual


Sharpshooters were added in Armageddon's Blade so there are no Sharpshooters or Treetop Towers in Restoration of Erathia.

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Like most ranged units, they are very vulnerable when within melee range. This applies especially to Sharpshooters, glass cannons whose 15HP are the lowest among all Level 4 units. However, they have the highest damage-to-hit points ratio of any (non-Level 1) unit in the game, dealing tremendous amounts of damage as long as they are kept alive. Expert Slow coupled with Expert Archery helps immensely with this. When laying siege to a town, they are extremely useful as they have no obstacle penalty, though they are often targeted by Arrow Towers. Do anything to protect Sharpshooters against enemy's melee fighters. Sharpshooters' major advantage is their excellent speed, especially in comparison with many other ranged units, which means they can wipe out a major part of the enemy's army prior to the turn of many of its units.

When playing Gelu, don't upgrade Elves to Sharpshooters too early, particularly on harder difficulties, as it is expensive. You don't need Grand Elves and the upgraded Homestead at all.

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