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When I was hashing out the campaigns for HoMM3, my objectives were simple. Keep it short, simple, and to the point. Limiting campaigns to 3 or 4 maps accomplished a couple goals. First, more players were more likely to finish a campaign if it was short. Second, a collection of short campaigns created the opportunity to showcase individual factions, which gave a player the opportunity to experience HoMM3 in full.

Greg Fulton, the lead designer of HoMM3 (RoE and AB)

Fanstratics Newsletter #15 (November 2021)

file names tab[edit]

Campaign file names   
Campaign/Scenario File name Region name
Restoration of Erathia
Long Live the Queen Good1.h3c
1. Homecoming Good-1a.h3m Southport
2. Guardian Angels Good-1b.h3m Angel Gate
3. Griffin Cliff Good-1c.h3m Gryphon Cliff
Dungeons and Devils EVIL1.h3c
1. A Devilish Plan Evil-1A.h3m Rionpoint
2. Groundbreaking Evil-1B.h3m Grainrich
3. Steadwick's Fall Evil-1c.h3m Battlestead
Spoils of War Neutral1.h3c
1. Borderlands Neutral-1a.h3m Marshland
2. Gold Rush Neutral-1b.h3m Minewell
3. Greed Neutral-1c.h3m Hillbridge
Liberation Good2.h3c
1. Steadwick's Liberation Good-2a.h3m Battlestead
2. Deal with the Devil Good-2b.h3m Frostland
3. Neutral Affairs Good-2c.h3m Marshland and Hillbridge
4. Tunnels and Troglodytes Good-2d.h3m Grainrich and Firecoast
Long Live the King Evil2.h3c
1. A Gryphon's Heart Evil-2A.h3m Marble Garden
2. Season of Harvest Evil-2B.h3m Emerald Hills
3. Corporeal Punishment Evil-2C.h3m Strongwillow and Woodgrove
4. From Day to Night Evil-2D.h3m F.don, F.bury and Forestow
Song for the Father Good3.h3c
1. Safe Passage Good3A.h3m Forestlow
2. United Front Good3B.h3m E.hills, S.willow, W.grove, F.bury
3. For King and Country Good3C.h3m Marbel Garden
Seeds of Discontent Secret1.h3c
1. The Grail Secret-1a.h3m Cloverfield
2. The Road Home Secret-1b.h3m Forestdale
3. Independence Secret-1c.h3m Mosswood
Armageddon's Blade
Armageddon's Blade ab.h3c
1. Catherine's Charge A- Catherine's Charge.h3m Armageddon A
2. Shadows of the Forest C- Shadows of the Forest.h3m Armageddon C
3. Seeking Armageddon B- Seeking Armageddon.h3m Armageddon B
4. Maker of Sorrows D- Maker of Sorrows.h3m Armageddon D
5. Return of the King E- Return of the King.h3m Armageddon E
6. A Blade in the Back F- A Blade in the Back.h3m Armageddon F
7. To Kill A Hero G- To Kill a Hero.h3m Armageddon G
8. Oblivion's Edge H- Oblivion's Edge.h3m Armageddon H
Dragon's Blood blood.h3c
1. Culling the Weak DB1 Culling the Weak.h3m Nighon A
2. Savaging the Scavengers DB2 Savaging the Scavengers.h3m Nighon B
3. Blood of the Dragon Father DB3 Blood of the Dragon Father.h3m Nighon C
4. Blood Thirsty DB4 Blood Thirsty.h3m Nighon D
Dragon Slayer slayer.h3c
1. Crystal Dragons DragonSlayer01.h3m Bracada D
2. Rust Dragons DragonSlayer02.h3m Bracada A
3. Faerie Dragons DragonSlayer03.h3m Bracada B
4. Azure Dragons DragonSlayer04.h3m Bracada C
Festival of Life festival.h3c
1. Razor Claw Festival of Life 1.h3m Krewlod D
2. Taming of the Wild Festival of Life 2.h3m Krewlod C
3. Clan War Festival of Life 3.h3m Krewlod B
4. For the Throne Festival of Life 4.h3m Krewlod A
Playing with Fire fire.h3c
1. Farming Towns Adrienne1.h3m Tatalia A
2. March of the Undead Adrienne2.h3m Tatalia B
3. Burning of Tatalia Adrienne3.h3m Tatalia C
Foolhardy Waywardness fool.h3c
1. Lost at Sea Secret 1 - Lost at Sea.h3m Islands A
2. Their End of the Bargain Secret 2 - Their End of the Bargain.h3m Islands D
3. Here There Be Pirates Secret 3 - Here There Be Pirates.h3m Islands B
4. Hurry Up and Wait Secret 4 - Hurry Up and Wait.h3m Islands C
Shadow of Death
New Beginning Gem.h3c
1. Clearing the Border Gem2.h3m New Beginning A
2. After the Amulet Gem1.h3m New Beginning B
3. Retrieving the Cowl Gem3.h3m New Beginning C
4. Driving for the Boots Gem4.h3m New Beginning D
Elixir of Life Gelu.h3c
1. Graduation Exercise gelu1.h3m Elixir of Life A
2. Cutthroats gelu2.h3m Elixir of Life B
3. Valley of the Dragon Lords gelu3.h3m Elixir of Life C
4. A Thief in the Night gelu4.h3m Elixir of Life D
Hack and Slash Crag.h3c
1. Bashing Skulls Has01.h3m Hack and Slash A
2. Black Sheep Has02.h3m Hack and Slash B
3. A Cage in the Hand Has03.h3m Hack and Slash C
4. Grave Robber Has04.h3m Hack and Slash D
Birth of a Barbarian Yog.h3c
1. On the Run Yog A.h3m Birth of a Barbarian A
2. The Meeting Yog B.h3m Birth of a Barbarian B
3. A Tough Start Yog C.h3m Birth of a Barbarian C
4. Falor and Terwen Yog D.h3m Birth of a Barbarian D
5. Returning to Bracada Yog E.h3m Birth of a Barbarian E
Rise of the Necromancer Sandro.h3c
1. Target Sandro A.h3m Rise of the Necromancer A
2. Master Sandro B.h3m Rise of the Necromancer B
3. Finneas Vilmar Sandro C.h3m Rise of the Necromancer C
4. Duke Alarice Sandro D.h3m Rise of the Necromancer D
Unholy Alliance Final.h3c
1. Harvest Final A.h3m Unholy Alliance A
2. Gathering the Legion Final B.h3m Unholy Alliance B
3. Search for a Killer Final C.h3m Unholy Alliance C
4. Final Peace Final D.h3m Unholy Alliance D
5. Secrets Revealed Final E.h3m Unholy Alliance E
6. Agents of Vengeance Final F.h3m Unholy Alliance F
7. Wrath of Sandro Final G.h3m Unholy Alliance G
8. Invasion Final H.h3m Unholy Alliance H
9. To Strive, To Seek Final I.h3m Unholy Alliance I
10. Barbarian Brothers Final J.h3m Unholy Alliance J
11. Union Final K.h3m Unholy Alliance K
12. Fall of Sandro Final L.h3m Unholy Alliance L
Specter of Power Secret.h3c
1. Poison Fit for a King Secret A.h3m Specter of Power A
2. To Build a Tunnel Secret B.h3m Specter of Power B
3. Kreegan Alliance Secret C.h3m Specter of Power C
4. With Blinders On Secret D.h3m Specter of Power D
Heroes Chronicles
Warlords of the Wasteland EnWasteland.h3c
1. A Barbarian King WastelandA.h3m Armageddon A
2. The Criminal King WastelandB.h3m Armageddon B
3. Ultimatum WastelandC.h3m Armageddon C
4. The War for the Mudlands WastelandD.h3m Armageddon D
5. Siege of the Wallpeaks WastelandE.h3m Armageddon E
6. Trapped! WastelandF.h3m Armageddon F
7. Slash and Burn WastelandG.h3m Armageddon G
8. Steelhorn WastelandH.h3m Armageddon H
Conquest of the Underworld EnUnderworld.h3c
1. Cerberus Gate Underworld1.h3m Armageddon A
2. The Boatman Underworld2.h3m Armageddon B
3. Truth Within Nightmares Underworld3.h3m Armageddon C
4. Twisted Tunnels Underworld4.h3m Armageddon D
5. Jorm's Ambush Underworld5.h3m Armageddon E
6. Old Wounds Underworld6.h3m Armageddon F
7. The Queen's Command Underworld7.h3m Armageddon G
8. Never Deal with a Demon Underworld8.h3m Armageddon H
Masters of the Elements EnElements.h3c
1. The Trouble with Magic ElementsA.h3m Armageddon A
2. Walking on Clouds ElementsB.h3m Armageddon B
3. Don't Drink the Water ElementsC.h3m Armageddon C
4. Hard Place ElementsD.h3m Armageddon D
5. The Secret in the Flames ElementsE.h3m Armageddon E
6. The Magic that Binds ElementsF.h3m Armageddon F
7. Birds of Fire ElementsG.h3m Armageddon G
8. Master of the Elements ElementsH.h3m Armageddon H
Clash of the Dragons EnDragon.h3c
1. The Dragontalker DragonA.h3m Armageddon A
2. Dragon's Blood DragonB.h3m Armageddon B
3. The Dragon Mothers DragonC.h3m Armageddon C
4. Dragons of Rust DragonD.h3m Armageddon D
5. Distrust DragonE.h3m Armageddon E
6. Dragons of Gossamer Wings DragonF.h3m Armageddon F
7. Dragons of Deepest Blue DragonG.h3m Armageddon G
8. Clash of the Dragons DragonH.h3m Armageddon H
The World Tree EnWorldTree.h3c
1. A Distant Cry TreeA.h3m Birth of a Barbarian A
2. Senseless Destruction TreeB.h3m Birth of a Barbarian B
3. The World Within TreeC.h3m Birth of a Barbarian C
4. The Roots of Life TreeD.h3m Birth of a Barbarian D
5. Rebirth TreeE.h3m Birth of a Barbarian E
The Fiery Moon EnFriedMoon.h3c
1. The Endless Sands MoonA.h3m Birth of a Barbarian A
2. The Nameless Land MoonB.h3m Birth of a Barbarian B
3. The Sparkling Bridge MoonC.h3m Birth of a Barbarian C
4. The Fiery Moon MoonD.h3m Birth of a Barbarian D
5. Vorr, the Insane MoonE.h3m Birth of a Barbarian E
Revolt of the Beastmasters EnBeastmasters.h3c
1. Hopewielder BeasmastersA.h3m Armageddon A
2. The First Law BeasmastersB.h3m Armageddon B
3. By Royal Decree BeasmastersC.h3m Armageddon C
4. The King's Son BeasmastersD.h3m Armageddon D
5. The Ransom BeasmastersE.h3m Armageddon E
6. Beyond the Borders BeasmastersF.h3m Armageddon F
7. Naming a Nation BeasmastersG.h3m Armageddon G
8. The First Tatalian War BeasmastersH.h3m Armageddon H
The Sword of Frost EnFrostSword.h3c
1. Tarnum the Overlord FrostA.h3m Armageddon A
2. The Land of the Vori FrostB.h3m Armageddon B
3. A New Enemy FrostC.h3m Armageddon C
4. A New Ally FrostD.h3m Armageddon D
5. The Capture FrostE.h3m Armageddon E
6. Tunnels of Ice FrostF.h3m Armageddon F
7. The Barbarian's Wife FrostG.h3m Armageddon G
8. The Protectors of the Sword FrostH.h3m Armageddon H
Horn of the Abyss
Under the Jolly Roger
1. Pirates and Palms 0101.h3m
2. Master of the Island 0102.h3m
3. Devil Sunrise 0103.h3m
Terror of the Seas
1. Prisoner of Doom 0201.h3m
2. Evenmorn 0202.h3m
3. The Shores of Hell 0204.h3m
4. The Freedom of the Nix 0205.h3m
5. In Search of the Horn file3.h3m
6. Treachery 0206.h3m
Horn of the Abyss
1. Frontier 0301.h3m
2. Heart of Water 0302.h3m
3. Horn of the Abyss 0303.h3m
4. All Hands on Board! 0304.h3m

Incorrect Victory Conditions[edit]

I found that most campaign victory conditions are not able to set in the map editor. For example, only Acquire Artifact/Transport Artifact, no or Defeat All Enemies. The templates are missing these content (e.g. Template:ScenarioVars table, Template:Scenario). After editing them, we also need to edit victory conditions in every campaign and its scenarios. That would spend lots of time. --Sanust (talk) 15:32, 30 January 2024 (UTC)

  • Let's wait until we can confirm this. I went through the victory/loss conditions of all the scenarios about a month ago and they seemed all correct to me then. How are you checking these? I broke them down into the h3m files, then moved them into my Maps folder and looked at them via the in-game Single Scenarios setup screen. --Legate (talk) 15:50, 30 January 2024 (UTC)
    • NOTE: I usually use the HotA install/tools for my work...maybe there is a discrepancy between that and SoD? --Legate (talk) 15:50, 30 January 2024 (UTC)
  • If you are just commenting on the options available in Template:ScenarioVars table, then I agree. I only added the things to that template that I actually found in-game --Legate (talk) 15:53, 30 January 2024 (UTC)
  • From Victory / Loss conditions the only ones not available in the game are:
    • Having a special victory condition AND 2 Special loss conditions or
      • 3 special victory conditions, out of which one is the standard one, or
      • 2 special victory conditions, out of which none of them is the standard one.
    • Everything else can be done in the new HotA Map Editor. Of course, a lot of it is not accessible in the old Maped - Csaros (talk)