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Armageddon and spell usage comparisons

Of course i can calculate everything for myself and would not need tables. In my head. After i gone through it with the help of tables. And yes, rogues have 10 hp, there is a table with an incorrect number. (I do not suppose much besides, i have it stored on my computer, will correct the numbers - although i suppose you would rather cut it off - doesnt motivate me then - would rather enhance and correct than cut, i do not know if the Grail buildings just enable +50 creature growth IN ONE city and not in all allied ones - the more i want to try to clearify and enhance the more side pages are to be corrected and the more differences in cities are visible to me - i quite liked that, new views, same old game).

Or the computer could handle that (as always, of course - no need to know about shit). And yes, there is too much dry numbers and too much text that would need to be shortened. I would like to know everything about the Peaceful Ending map. I had a full highscore table of Black Dragon ratings in single player games, due to Thant and Necromancy. I didnt play with numbers in my head just improvising, that wasnt as well as i wanted it to be.

But cutting everything because it is to dry to read is not a nice solution. And i suppose starting amount+ (multiplicator bonus + spell power derivate) is much more visible in terms of comparison, see Cure - "seems to work less" is not wiki. I suppose we would need to discuss your reverts. Will make a login so that we can discuss that, will take some time. Dont shortcut on improvements please.

Apart from that, as always, thanks for the wiki. Thanks for the new tables with creature lists and all. Of course i played with those creatures and all - but i dont know much about them really, dont know all the numbers and all, they're here - and i dont need to buy creatures, load maps, do strategic stuff, wait turns or anything. And yes, perhaps i am a little bit too angsty editing. This year and the last it was quite hot in this summer, i would need a vacation and perhaps the texts would be better then. Please accept numerical+ (head start bonus in terms of multiplicator + power point usage) - it is much easier to compare the spell effects this way, see Cure. I would like to know every numeric relation of monsters/spells and know my way around maps, i suppose tables cover that - and there's enough screen writing space for that - Heroes 3 has short texts that are easier to read in the menus, this is a wiki - i would not want to be a burden to the reader but i would like to know all the details of the game that make sense during play. And not "seems to work better, dunno" assumptions. I suppose we could get along well with each other without the use of Necromancy and the like or Armageddon, no need to behave like a Medusa or something, but reverting made me suppose i was amidst a battle with a Mighty Gorgon and that's how my heart felt.

I would like: Spell Tables (maybe a own page of that) - how many (Base, +50%, +100%) fillings of a non magic immunity town could Armageddon kill given Dragageddon or the Armageddon Sword piece from the Peaceful Ending map?

Someday some kind of program that makes stats on maps automatically (how many refreshment points, how difficult, how the AI would act).

I like webpages that detail the stories i lived through - like the campaigns. This wiki is better in terms of design than other pages, the menus are nicely sized and it is instantly editable in terms of spelling errors and the like - and everything can be linked - the more sentience the better.

There's a "cooking droid" app that has a cooking book in wiki form as base and is menus to that on an Android tablet - i would not want your site to die, but i would want the wiki stored someplace and being able to update it - and perhaps in droid form it would download newest updates and the knowledge base, the basic version would just be a better browser.

The heroes 4 wiki that is referenced someplace is a dead link. I also played that game.

I looked into Might and Magic VI lately (Heroes I was my first game, i liked the Heroes 3 graphics back then, but also the classical music scores of Heroes I (there is nothing on that in the wiki, supposedly the pieces appear someplace else too)) and it didnt have a good wiki (although the sites that i used when my computer still had loading times using that game (after some time performance issues considering Moores Law are nil, before it always takes time to load/restore or load game) are still online and were not victims to bit rot), i also looked into 3D engines and would want to port Might and Magic VI to Android - if time permits.

I would like to know everything about numbers, calculations and relations - which

  • takes away mystic relations to games in terms of getting unexplained presents
  • might be dry without the right wording and too many tables (separate pages?)
  • might, if unfinished lack discussion or argument points and make for nerdism instead of geekyness

I do like your wiki. I dont have a workable email address currently, had too much to go through, came back from travels, had a free account and all emails were lost, so i need to rebuild that, then i would get a login here and we could discuss things out (hopefully).

  • might take away screen space and could belong to a sum-up page that has all spells and their lists (and of course lists are a little bit technical, maybe coloring them in a hue matching the spell school or adding graphics would help - is there a symbol for mana? i liked having gold ideograms included in lists, thank you very much).

Oh and i would need to look into templates, quite possibly you want that fixed and stabile before discussing anything, mediawiki was new to me a few months back, i quite enjoy being here - but it is well, something to work on first. The city basic building template could be better and more informative. I would like to know if might or magic are better - and how much - and in concrete numbers with reasons not "experience assumptions".

Epic timing?

Lol, did we just edit the Learning skill page the same minute? My edit was blocked and it said you had done an edit like 3s earlier. --Ooola 13:18, 17 February 2014 (CET)

I did edit learning skill. :D Funny coincidence! And sorry for the inconvenience. –Kapteeni Ruoska 13:21, 17 February 2014 (CET)

Hero pic

Your deprecation of the hero pic template has completely destroyed the Tarnum page in a way that will be hard to repair with the Hero template, for reasons specific to Tarnum. It also quite wrecked the Lord Haart layout.

True, that the heropic template wrecks the Tarnum page because of its infromation text. However, I disagree it is hard to repair. First of all, the only thing that the heropic template does is, that it sets an image on the page. This can be also be done with ordinary wikitext, and almost as easily. So in my opinnion, the Tarnum page can easily be repaired by anyone with the will. What comes to Lord Haart, I admit that the page looks awful at the moment. However, it is only partly the hero templates fault. There is definetly few ways to make the page more appealing. One of which is to separate the two articles, for example "Lord Haart the knight" and "Lord Haart the death knight". In some point, I will fix it somehow. –Kapteeni Ruoska 06:36, 28 February 2014 (CET) (new edit)

Treasure price

I think you are adding 'sell' prices of artifacts instead of 'buy' ;p --HaxLi 22:03, 5 March 2014 (CET)

Uh, crap. That is true (again). Last day was not my best ones. –Kapteeni Ruoska 05:52, 6 March 2014 (CET)
Actually not. That is the basic cost of artifact, from where the buy price and sell price is derived. –Kapteeni Ruoska 06:25, 6 March 2014 (CET)
Oh well, then need to make code (if it's possible) to divide prices by 5 in the item list or to retype them all >< --HaxLi 11:13, 6 March 2014 (CET)
:D Perhaps we have to give some credit for reades to know and uderstand the merchant prices. –Kapteeni Ruoska 11:15, 6 March 2014 (CET)

Nice job

Thanks for your hard work here on this Heroes wiki. Nice to see finished designed and informative pages ;] --HaxLi 19:34, 9 March 2014 (CET)

Heh, thanks. :) Not a bad job yourself. Could not have figured out that sortable table. –Kapteeni Ruoska 19:38, 9 March 2014 (CET)

Capital Letters in Names

Um, I have noticed that you remove capital letters from names. In my knowledge it's wrong. In game all names are Capitalized. Some Google search about [Capitalization Rules] ;] --HaxLi 10:00, 19 March 2014 (CET)

That is true, and I have to admit that I am not a native english speaker nor I am familiar with grammar rules. Perhaps you know better why basically everything in the game is capitalized. For example, why is it "Skeleton Warrior" and not "skeleton warrior"? Surely that is not a name of any sort. What is the grammar rule behind that? –Kapteeni Ruoska 10:26, 19 March 2014 (CET)
In my opinion, it's something about 'Capitalize a proper noun' (Rule 2 from a link). Just all items and creatures there are called in those names they are given ;] --HaxLi 17:25, 19 March 2014 (CET)
As I said, I know very little about this matter. It just looks weird to me to write Skeleton Warrior with capitals. Is it not the same as "dog", which is a common noun, and therefore written with smalla letters? (This is a freakish conversation! :]) –Kapteeni Ruoska 19:27, 19 March 2014 (CET)
If that 'dog' were a warrior in game, then it had to be the 'Dog' :D
I made this question bcoz want to decide what to do with [Spell pictures] and List_of_spells. You are the main editor of those files and pages and I ask if I should rename and reupload files with big letters (strange that wiki do not understand those files in different caps) or just make that list with First_caps_names of spells (not standard)? --HaxLi 19:59, 19 March 2014 (CET)
I still do not get it. :D But I believe you. So, this this means that we have to redirect all the pages I have so "cleverly" already redirected. :( Also, that upload task is a hard one. If you want to do this, I could send you the original pictures. That would at least reduce the burden of downloading all the spell files. –Kapteeni Ruoska 20:05, 19 March 2014 (CET)
No need to download. I use direct URL from the wiki. I believe there are rename function in this wiki, just disabled for non_admin users.
Well, hope Terra don't mind if there'll be duplicate files x] --HaxLi 20:29, 19 March 2014 (CET)
I've asked Terra for more power, but he/she seems to be busy. There are a lot of pictures already in the Category:Garbage, so a few more will not propably be a problem. ;) –Kapteeni Ruoska 20:33, 19 March 2014 (CET)
Done the renaming job. Found missing spell image Image:Fire Wall.png. Look if you have it in your folder ;] --HaxLi 21:38, 19 March 2014 (CET)
Excellent! I found the fire wall picture and uploaded it.–Kapteeni Ruoska 21:44, 19 March 2014 (CET)

TIP: Upload file with added category

When you upload a file, in summary section you can write/paste a category code. It's faster I guess than to edit each file additionally ;] --HaxLi 12:21, 20 March 2014 (CET)

Thank you for the tip. I am actually aware of that, but in my opinnion it is faster to just upload them and then (with tabs) edit them again. :) –Kapteeni Ruoska 13:27, 20 March 2014 (CET)
Uh, actually that is pretty handy. Even although I knew that feature, I just did not thought it before. :) –Kapteeni Ruoska 15:01, 20 March 2014 (CET)

Simplify creature page names

Maybe we should move creature articles to those plural names as I suggested in Creature articles – together or separately question? ;]

e.g. Griffin and royal griffin redirected to -> Griffins (plural of the main creature)
and put all info about them in that page (including dwellings with their pictures)

So I'll leave the rest unoccupied page names from List_of_heroes specialties --HaxLi 10:22, 29 March 2014 (CET)