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Basic Necromancy.png Basic Necromancy: 10% of enemy creatures killed are resurrected.
Advanced Necromancy.png Advanced Necromancy: 20% of enemy creatures killed are resurrected.
Expert Necromancy.png Expert Necromancy: 30% of enemy creatures killed are resurrected.

Necromancy is a secondary skill that enables the hero to raise killed enemy creatures as Skeletons (or Skeleton Warriors). All Death Knights and Necromancers start with basic Necromancy skill, except Isra the Death Knight and Vidomina the Necromancer, who both start with advanced Necromancy. Other hero classes can not learn Necromancy, but they can acquire it from Scholars, Events or Witch Huts.

In Horn of the Abyss, the skill percentages are decreased to 5%, 10% and 15%. Horn of the Abyss

Heroes with a specialty in Necromancy:

Skill affecting factors:

Additionally, with Cloak of the Undead King it is possible to raise other undead creatures instead of Skeletons. However, the cloak does not affect the skill percentages.

How does it work[edit]

All killed enemy creatures can be raised as skeletons. This includes sacrificed creatures, cloned creatures, summoned elementals and even war machines. If the victorious hero's army contains only Skeleton Warriors and there are no empty slots available, the killed enemy creatures are raised as Skeleton Warriors instead of Skeletons. However, in this case only 66.6% of Skeleton Warriors are raised compared to Skeletons. If there are no available slots and no skeletons (either kind) in the army, none of the killed enemy creatures are raised.

The number of skeletons brought back at the end of the combat depends on three main factors:

  1. Number of creatures in killed stacks
  2. Amount of health of killed stacks
  3. Level of Necromancy skill

First, the total number of raised Skeletons can never exceed the number of creatures slain in combat. Second, the total health of raised Skeletons can never exceed the total health of killed creatures. Third, the level of Necromancy skill used in calculations can never be more than 100%. Although it is technically possible for a hero to have Necromancy skill above 100%. These rules are applied to every killed stack individually, and always rounded down. In addition, at least one creature is always received from the combat where the winning hero has Necromancy skill of any level and creatures are killed.

The health of the enemy creature killed affects the efficiency that it is revived as per table:

1 hp = 16.6% efficiency
2 hp = 33.3%
3 hp = 50% efficiency
4 hp = 66.6% efficiency
5 hp = 83.3% efficiency
6 hp or higher = 100% efficiency

So a hero with 50% necromancy, who killed 100 creatures with 6 hp or higher will obtain 50 skeletons, whereas if he were to kill 100 peasants (who have only 1 hp) he would only obtain about 8 skeletons

Additionally, with Cloak of the Undead King these same rules apply to Walking Dead, Wights and Liches. As they have more health, less is raised. And if the hero only has upgraded versions, the "two thirds rule" is applied.

Town Class Chance to learn
Castle Castle  Knight   0
Castle Castle  Cleric   0
Rampart Rampart  Ranger   0
Rampart Rampart  Druid   0
Tower Tower  Alchemist   0
Tower Tower  Wizard   0
Inferno Inferno  Demoniac   0
Inferno Inferno  Heretic   0
Necropolis Necropolis  Death Knight  10
Necropolis Necropolis  Necromancer  10
Dungeon Dungeon  Overlord   0
Dungeon Dungeon  Warlock   0
Stronghold Stronghold  Barbarian   0
Stronghold Stronghold  Battle Mage   0
Fortress Fortress  Beastmaster   0
Fortress Fortress  Witch   0
Conflux Conflux  Planeswalker   0
Conflux Conflux  Elementalist   0
Cove Cove  Captain   0
Cove Cove  Navigator   0

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