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Air magic is one of the secondary skills. It increases the effectiveness of hero's air magic spells.

Air Magic
Basic Air Magic.png Basic Air Magic:
Advanced Air Magic.png Advanced Air Magic:
Expert Air Magic.png Expert Air Magic:

List of Air Magic Spells

First Level

Second Level

Third Level

Fourth Level

Fifth Level


Air Magic is easily overrated, due to good damage spells and adventure map movement spells. However, the first groups strength decrease when stack sizes grow, and the spells in the second category are banned more often than not. What remains is a few good spells, and a handful of mediocre ones. Haste and Lightning Bolt are both very useful, Chain Lightning does good damage, but can easily backfire. Counterstrike can be an enormous aid, especially when cast on Hydras or Vampire Lords. However, Air Magic's greatest assets are Dimension Door and Fly, which can get your Hero into places he or she couldn't have gotten into otherwise, or be used to launch a surprise attack on an enemy town. The other spells are at best of circumstancial use.

DiFool's Ratings (1-5)

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