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Hero classes
 Death Knight
 Battle Mage
 Captain Horn of the Abyss
 Navigator Horn of the Abyss
 Skills 1 2–9 >10
 Attack:  A1  B1%  C1%
 Defense:  88  88%  88%
 Power:  88  88%  99%
 Knowledge:  A4  B4%  C4%
Chances of secondary skills
Combat Magic Adventure
Basic Archery small.gif  Archery  
Basic Armorer small.gif  Armorer  
Basic Artillery small.gif  Artillery  
Basic Ballistics small.gif  Ballistics  
Basic First Aid small.gif  First Aid  
Basic Leadership small.gif  Leadership  
Basic Luck small.gif  Luck  
Basic Offense small.gif  Offense  
Basic Resistance small.gif  Resistance  
Basic Tactics small.gif  Tactics  
Basic Interference small.gif  Interference Horn of the Abyss  
Basic Intelligence small.gif  Intelligence  
Basic Mysticism small.gif  Mysticism  
Basic Scholar small.gif  Scholar  
Basic Sorcery small.gif  Sorcery  
Basic Wisdom small.gif  Wisdom  
Basic Air Magic small.gif  Air Magic  
Basic Earth Magic small.gif  Earth Magic  
Basic Fire Magic small.gif  Fire Magic  
Basic Water Magic small.gif  Water Magic  
Basic Diplomacy small.gif  Diplomacy  
Basic Eagle Eye small.gif  Eagle Eye  
Basic Estates small.gif  Estates  
Basic Learning small.gif  Learning  
Basic Logistics small.gif  Logistics  
Basic Navigation small.gif  Navigation  
Basic Necromancy small.gif  Necromancy  
Basic Pathfinding small.gif  Pathfinding  
Basic Scouting small.gif  Scouting  

BeastmasterHeroBattleMode.pngBeastmasters are the Might heroes of the Fortress Town.

Through physical force and intimidation, Beastmasters build their realms by subjugating those dwellings nearby. As a consequence, they are not interested in the pursuit of mystical knowledge. Beastmasters often costume themselves in the likeness of vicious swamp creatures.

The Beastmasters' initial primary skills are:

They have the following chances of getting +1 in a certain Primary Skill for each level up:

Primary skill chances for Beastmasters
Attack Defense Spell Power Knowledge
On levels 2-9 30% 50% 10% 10%
On levels 10+ 30% 30% 20% 20%

All Beastmasters start with the secondary skill Armorer.

Beastmasters cannot learn Fire Magic. Only Scholars and Witch Huts can teach them Fire Magic.