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Hero classes
 Death Knight
 Battle Mage
 Captain Horn of the Abyss
 Navigator Horn of the Abyss
 Skills 1 2–9 >10
 Attack:  2  35%  30%
 Defense:  2  35%  30%
 Power:  1  15%  20%
 Knowledge:  1  15%  20%
Chances of secondary skills
Combat Magic Adventure
Basic Archery small.gif  Archery  6
Basic Armorer small.gif  Armorer  7
Basic Artillery small.gif  Artillery  5
Basic Ballistics small.gif  Ballistics  7
Basic First Aid small.gif  First Aid  2
Basic Leadership small.gif  Leadership  3
Basic Luck small.gif  Luck  2
Basic Offense small.gif  Offense  8
Basic Resistance small.gif  Resistance  6
Basic Tactics small.gif  Tactics  6
Basic Interference small.gif  Interference Horn of the Abyss  6
Basic Intelligence small.gif  Intelligence  2
Basic Mysticism small.gif  Mysticism  2
Basic Scholar small.gif  Scholar  2
Basic Sorcery small.gif  Sorcery  3
Basic Wisdom small.gif  Wisdom  4
Basic Air Magic small.gif  Air Magic  2
Basic Earth Magic small.gif  Earth Magic  3
Basic Fire Magic small.gif  Fire Magic  4
Basic Water Magic small.gif  Water Magic  1
Basic Diplomacy small.gif  Diplomacy  4
Basic Eagle Eye small.gif  Eagle Eye  3
Basic Estates small.gif  Estates  3
Basic Learning small.gif  Learning  4
Basic Logistics small.gif  Logistics  10
Basic Navigation small.gif  Navigation  4
Basic Necromancy small.gif  Necromancy  0
Basic Pathfinding small.gif  Pathfinding  4
Basic Scouting small.gif  Scouting  5

Demoniacs are the might heroes of Inferno. They are people (often ex-heretics) who have been completely possessed by one or more demons. Though Demoniacs have a natural predisposition to gaining magical power, they also acquire balancing military skills as well.

Most likely to learn: Unlikely to learn: Cannot learn:


Name Class Specialty Skill 1 Skill 2 Spell
Calh Calh  Demoniac  Specialty Gogs small.gif  Gogs Basic Archery  Basic Archery  Basic Scouting  Basic Scouting 
Fiona Fiona  Demoniac  Specialty Hell Hounds small.gif  Hell Hounds Advanced Scouting  Advanced Scouting   
Ignatius Ignatius  Demoniac  Specialty Imps small.gif  Imps Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Basic Resistance  Basic Resistance 
Marius Marius  Demoniac  Specialty Demons small.gif  Demons Advanced Armorer  Advanced Armorer   
Nymus Nymus  Demoniac  Specialty Pit Fiends small.gif  Pit Fiends Advanced Offense  Advanced Offense   
Octavia Octavia  Demoniac  Specialty Gold small.gif  Gold Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Basic Offense  Basic Offense 
Pyre Pyre  Demoniac  Specialty Ballista small.gif  Ballista Basic Logistics  Basic Logistics   Basic Artillery  Basic Artillery 
Rashka Rashka  Demoniac  Specialty Efreeti small.gif  Efreeti Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom   Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar 
Xeron Xeron Armageddon's Blade  Demoniac  Specialty Devils small.gif  Devils Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics