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This list contains all heroes from Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest, Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars, and its expansion, The Price of Loyalty, who reappear in Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Heroes from previous games
Name    Heroes I       Heroes II       Heroes III   
Lord Haart Knight Knight Knight Death Knight
Roland Armageddon's Blade Wizard/Knight Knight
Gem Sorceress Sorceress Druid Sorceress
Halon Wizard Wizard
Ranloo Horn of the Abyss Necromancer Death Knight
Sandro Warlock → Necromancer Necromancer Necromancer disguised as a Wizard
Alamar Warlock Warlock
Crag Hack Barbarian Barbarian
Yog Barbarian Barbarian Wizard
Luna Armageddon's Blade Sorceress Sorceress Elementalist
Astra Horn of the Abyss Sorceress Navigator
Agar Horn of the Abyss Warlock Warlock Artificer
Wrathmont Horn of the Abyss Warlock Warlock Artificer
Elderian Campaign Editor (HotA) Warlock Artificer


  • The Price of Loyalty features a wizard named Solmyr, however it is a different character from Solmyr, as he is a human, and not a genie. Also, PoL's Solmyr is allegedly non-canon, as he only appears in a series of scenarios instead of in a campaign.
  • Kilburn the Knight from Heroes I and Heroes II was featured in the beta version of Heroes III, but he was cut from the final game.
  • Kastore, who features in Forged in Fire Horn of the Abyss, comes from the world of Terra; he is not the same Kastore from Heroes I and Heroes II who hails from Enroth.
  • Elderian's Horn of the Abyss portrait in Heroes II is also that of Jarkonas VI, a major character and protagonist of The Price of Loyalty.
  • In Heroes II, Lord Haart appears in the campaign only and has Sir Gallant's portrait.