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King Archibald Ironfist as he appears in Heroes of Might and Magic II.

Archibald Ironfist is the son of the deceased King Morglin Ironfist, brother of King Roland Ironfist, and brother-in-law of Queen Catherine Ironfist.

Heroes of Might & Magic II: The Succession Wars[edit]

After the death of King Morglin, Archibald attempted to seize the throne for himself by assassinating the Royal Seers and framing his brother Roland for their deaths. He allied with Enroth's Warlocks and Necromancers as well as with Jadame's pirates. However, Roland managed to escape and rallied to him Enroth's Wizards and Sorceresses, as well as the dwarves. With these allies, Roland eventually defeated his brother and put an end to the Succession Wars. After his defeat, Archibald was turned into a stone statue by Roland's court wizard, Tanir.

Might & Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven[edit]

However, this transformation was deliberately made reversible, and during the Kreegan invasion, adventurers freed him so that they could ask him to give them a powerful spell needed to destroy a Kreegan Hive. After his liberation, Archibald moved to Antagarich where he joined the Necromancers of Deyja to help Finneas Vilmar's plot.

Might & Magic VII: For Blood and Honor[edit]

After the lich form of King Nicolas Gryphonheart is put to rest, Archibald battles Nimbus for the title of King of Deyja, and wins. Soon after, he meets four adventurers from the world of Terra, Kastore among them, and hires them as advisors. However, he is outmaneuvered by Kastore who eventually seizes power from under him and redirects the Necromancers towards studies of the Heavenly Forge, instead of necromancy. Archibald and some of his loyalists move to Clanker's Laboratory, an island off the coast of AvLee's Tularean Forest. There, the adventuring party known as the Lords of Harmondale would meet him and he would help them free his brother from the Kreegans and brought him back to Steadwick.

After these events, he returned to Clanker's Lab to focus on his studies of necromancy.