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Hero Axsis.png Duke Deezelisk is the Duke and ruler of the underworld, he is also one of the most powerful and most feared Demons. After his failed attempt to conquer Erathia, he was blinded by King Rion Gryphonheart who sent him back to The Underworld. Since then, his control has weakened greatly, but despite his blindness, none of the Demons have dared to challenge him in fear of his still overwhelming powers. After telling Tarnum and Queen Allison the location of the Demon Jorm, who kidnapped Rion Gryphonheart's soul from Paradise, he managed to make an allegiance with them, and their army, having also received the Pendant of Second Sight. He then went on to betray Tarnum and his army and ordered his own armies to kidnap Alison and take her to his torture chambers to get back at Rion Gryphonheart for blinding him. Deezelisk's armies killed Tarnum, but Tarnum returned, being the immortal hero. After rescuing Rion Gryphonheart's soul, Tarnum gathered an army defeated the Duke's Demon armies and killed Duke Deezelisk, freeing Queen Alison from her prison.