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Vorr the Insane is a mad war god and one of the Ancestors, who has gone insane with power. He appears in The World Tree and in The Fiery Moon, which was a direct sequel to The World Tree. Vorr made an alliance with the Necromancers and numerous Barbarians as his followers and also made a pact with Demonic Kreegans and Elementals of the Fiery Moon where he kidnapped and imprisoned the other two Ancestors. A leader of one of the Barbarian tribes, King Targor worshiped Vorr but was later abandoned and killed by the all-powerful demigod Vorr after Tarnum showed him the truth - with the help of the Pendant of Total Recall - of what he himself had committed. Although King Targor's barbarian tribe began to follow Tarnum, other tribes still worshiped Vorr. From all of the enemies Tarnum has faced, Vorr was probably the most powerful, destructive and difficult one for him to defeat.