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Heroes Chronicles map icon.png Only available in Heroes Chronicles.
Mensor the knight
Basic information:
Mensor Class: knight
Gender: male
Race: human
Mensor fought for King Rion Gryphonheart against the Barbarian King when he was young, but his skills have always leaned more toward the intellectual than the physical. Slowly, he's worked his way up through the ranks where he is recognized for his ability to obtain any piece of information.
Specialty: Swordsmen
Specialty Swordsmen Increases the attack and defense skills of any swordsmen or crusaders for each level attained after 4th level.
Starting primary skills:
Attack Defense Spell Power Knowledge
Starting secondary skills:
Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership
Basic Armorer  Basic Armorer
Starting troops:
Pikeman Pikeman 10–20 Always
Archer Archer 4–7 88%
Griffin Griffin 2–3 25%
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Pikeman Pikeman 10–20 Always
Archer Archer 4–7 Always
Griffin Griffin 2–3 Always
Starting movement points:
Minimum Maximum HotA Horn of the Abyss
Starting movement points:

Mensor the knight is a castle hero.

Mensor uses Roland's portrait. It is assumed his starting secondary skills are the same.

However, he is available in one map of the Conquest of the Underworld campaign, where he must be freed from a prison. Once freed, he is a level 30 Knight with Expert skill in Pathfinding, Archery, Logistics, Scouting, Leadership, Wisdom, Air Magic and Armorer. He is equipped with Helm of Chaos, Sword of Hellfire, Shield of the Damned, Breastplate of Brimstone, Everflowing Crystal Cloak, Equestrian's Gloves, Charm of Mana, Endless Bag of Gold, Badge of Courage, Ladybird of Luck, all War Machines, 50 Halberdiers, 30 Marksmen, 20 Royal Griffins and 20 Crusaders.