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Chatbox of the chatbox. This must be what they call hell. ―imahero 03:27, 21 May 2018 (CEST)

Armor of the Damned[edit]

why doesnt armor of the damned cast disrupting ray? it should cause that's what the description says.

HD Mod[edit]

how to install the hd mod???

Sorry, I'm not confident with page edit/contribution. Perhaps one of you would do so on my behalf - please and thank you.[edit]

I would like to contribute theses two bits of information I discovered through multiplayer to the 'Did you know' page. They can be placed in the 'Unverified claims' section to begin with, then moved accordingly to 'Verified Statements' when affirmed.

1) Occupying the bottom right of your screen is the 'Status Window' showing the portrait of your currently selected hero. Clicking on that portrait shows how many towns you own and their level of development (village status through to capitol). However, when it is NOT your turn in a multiplayer network game, those town statistics displayed, are for the CURRENT player.

2) On the build screen of any town you own, each structure's further building prospects are signified by the status colours red, green or yellow. While playing a multiplayer network game, and you are NOT the current player, browsing your own build screens will show your red status structures as green for each of the structures where the CURRENT player has enough of each resource & gold to satisfy the build requirements of those structures.

Added them. Corrected stuff like "MP network game" into "any kind of MP game" (because they're available for Hotseat too) and moved one of them at "Verified Claims". You can check them here: Did you know.--FirePaladin2 (talk) 11:42, 9 April 2020 (UTC)