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How to use[edit]

The code is copied at the beginning of the hero's article, and fill in the missing information. It should be noticed, that the factors below are case sensitive meaning, that "Town" is not the same as "town".

 | town       = 
 | class      = 
 | gender     = 
 | race       = 
 | specialty  = 
 | s_text     = 
 | skill_1    = 
 | skill_2    = 
 | spell      =
 | warmachine =

If the hero does not have a starting spell or war machine then the following parameters should be defined without any value:

| nospell    =
| nowar      =

If for some reason pictures of hero or specialty does not appear automatically, you can add the following rows:

 | picture       = 
 | specialty_pic = 

Also, the following lines are available:

 | name          = 
This is an example what the page will look like.
Adelaide the Cleric
Basic information:
Adelaide Class: Cleric
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Caught at sea during a storm, Adelaide was shipwrecked on the shores of Vori, home of the Snow Elves. She trained with them for some twenty years, and upon her return to Erathia discovered that no time had passed in her absence.
Specialty: Frost Ring
Specialty Frost Ring Casts Frost Ring with increased effect, based on hero level compared to the level of the target unit.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Advanced Wisdom  Advanced Wisdom
Starting troops:
Pikeman Pikeman 10–20 Always
Archer Archer 4–7 75%
Griffin Griffin 2–3 1/4
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Pikeman Pikeman 300–999 Always
Archer Archer 44–777 Always
Griffin Griffin 20–30 Always
Starting spell:
Frost Ring Frost Ring
Adelaide the Cleric is a hero from Castle. Adelaide starts with a spell book and the spell Frost Ring.