Corpse (combat)

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This article refers to the namesake gameplay term. For the adventure map object, see Corpse.

Corpse is a gameplay term that references to remains of dead creatures' stacks. They can be resurrected by Archangel Archangels,  Resurrection spell or via  Sacrifice spell; converted into Demon Demons by Pit Lord Pit Lords; reanimated by  Animate Dead spell or repaired by Mechanic Engineer Mechanics and Engineers Horn of the Abyss. Corpses disappear by Olgoi-Khorkhoi Olgoi-Khorkhois Devour Corpses Horn of the Abyss ability, Automaton Sentinel Automaton Automatons and Sentinel Automatons Detonation Horn of the Abyss ability,  Sacrifice spell if they are sacrificed, and the Ring of OblivionRing of Oblivion Horn of the Abyss also automatically removes any corpse from the battlefield.