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School of Earth Magic
Symbol for School of Earth Magic
Level 1
 Magic Arrow
 Stone Skin
 View Earth
Level 2
 Death Ripple
Level 3
 Animate Dead
 Force Field
 Protection from Earth
Level 4
 Meteor Shower
 Town Portal
Level 5
 Summon Earth Elemental
School of Air Magic
School of Fire Magic
School of Water Magic

Resurrection is a 4th level spell in the School of Earth Magic.

School:  Earth Magic
Level:  4th
Cost:  20/16
Duration:  combat/permanent
 Basic effect
Target, allied troop with dead creatures has (40 + (power x 50)) health worth of creatures restored to life for the duration of the current battle.
 Advanced effect
Same as basic effect, except that (80 + (power x 50)) health worth of creatures are restored permanently.
 Expert effect
Same as advanced effect, except that (160 + (power x 50)) health worth of creatures are restored.
 Probability of occurrence (%):
Castle Castle   20
Rampart Rampart   20
Tower Tower   29 (20*)
Inferno Inferno   20
Necropolis Necropolis   20
Dungeon Dungeon   20
Stronghold Stronghold   0
Fortress Fortress   0
Conflux Conflux   10
Cove Cove Horn of the Abyss   10
* Without Library

It resurrects dead creatures in target allied stack. Resurrection does not work on undead, elementals, gargoyles, golems or war machines.

Heroes with Resurrection specialty:

Creatures able to cast Resurrection: