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1 - Restoration of Erathia Restoration of Erathia 1 - Restoration of Erathia
2 - Armageddon's Blade Armageddon's Blade 2 - Armageddon's Blade
3 - Shadow of Death Shadow of Death 3 - Shadow of Death
5 - Heroes Chronicles Heroes Chronicles 5 - Heroes Chronicles
4 - Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss 4 - Horn of the Abyss


Gem arrives from Enroth fresh from the Succession Wars. She first helps the Clovergreen Militia and then aids a wizard's apprentice against the Necromancers of Deyja.



  1. Clearing the Border
  2. After the Amulet
  3. Retrieving the Cowl
  4. Driving for the Boots


Gem the Sorceress (Campaign) 
Basic information:
Gem Class: Sorceress (Campaign) 
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Gem was one of the greatest sorceresses that Enroth had ever seen, serving King Roland Ironfist during the Succession Wars. Shortly after Roland had secured the throne of Enroth, Gem left for Erathia, finding a new home in AvLee.
Specialty: First Aid
Specialty First Aid Receives a 5% per level bonus to First Aid skill.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic First Aid  Basic First Aid
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Starting troops:
Centaur Centaur 12–24 Always
Wood Elf Wood Elf 3–6 25%
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Centaur Centaur 12–24 Always
Wood Elf Wood Elf 3–6 Always
Starting spell:
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt
Starts with:
First aid tent
First aid tent
88% (Always Horn of the Abyss)
Starting movement points:
Minimum Maximum HotA Horn of the Abyss
1700 1700 1700

Gem the Sorceress (Campaign)  is a Rampart hero. Gem starts with a spell book and the spell Lightning Bolt.


The heroes are practically useless, but they are the ones that transport levels through the campaign. Otherwise, just defeat all enemies before doing objective, you will find it easier that way.