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Spellcaster is a special ability of some creatures, which enables them to cast a spell during combat. Creatures can cast the spell on their own turn during combat, and typically they use their chance to act to do so. Exceptions:

  • Enchanters only cast mass spells and they do it in the beginning of their turn and do not lose their chance to attack in the process.
  • Several creatures cast after an attack.

Perhaps the most renowed spellcasters in Restoration of Erathia version, are the Master Genies, who can cast several different spells. The expansion Armageddon's Blade introduced Faerie Dragons and Enchanters, who also can cast several different spells, as well as Storm, Ice, Energy and Magma elementals, who can each cast protection from their own school of magic.

Can cast instead of normal action:

Casts before normal action:

  • Enchanter Enchanter – can cast several different spells

Casts after attack: