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Campaign heroes
Sir Michael Sir Michael Armageddon's Blade
Slash Slash Shadow of Death
Lord Velmor Lord Velmor Shadow of Death
Tyranell Tyranell Shadow of Death
Lord Chasim Lord Chasim Shadow of Death
Allison Allison Heroes Chronicles
Trynn Trynn Heroes Chronicles
Mensor Mensor Heroes Chronicles
Baron Paglon Baron Paglon Heroes Chronicles
Niven Niven Heroes Chronicles
Gryphonheart Gryphonheart Heroes Chronicles
Xarfax Xarfax Horn of the Abyss
Norvan Norvan Heroes Chronicles
Valita Valita Heroes Chronicles
Vol Vol Heroes Chronicles
Ylendore Ylendore Horn of the Abyss
Thulig Thulig Horn of the Abyss
Vidomina Vidomina Shadow of Death
Kurl Kurl Heroes Chronicles
Lyadra Lyadra Horn of the Abyss
Clan Leader Clan Leader Restoration of Erathia
Jorm Jorm Heroes Chronicles
Deezelisk Deezelisk Heroes Chronicles
Vorr Vorr Heroes Chronicles
Death Knights
Mot Mot Restoration of Erathia
Obekan Obekan Armageddon's Blade
Jelan Jelan Armageddon's Blade
Godomir Godomir Armageddon's Blade
Kajitianna Kajitianna Armageddon's Blade
Mihalis Mihalis Armageddon's Blade
Zartaj Zartaj Armageddon's Blade
Dikisha Dikisha Armageddon's Blade
Vellore Vellore Armageddon's Blade
Marzeth Marzeth Shadow of Death
Charnath Charnath Shadow of Death
Lord Alarice Lord Alarice Shadow of Death
Lord Fayette Lord Fayette Shadow of Death
Lord Dufus Lord Dufus Shadow of Death
Iust Iust Horn of the Abyss
Ajorn Ajorn Armageddon's Blade
Tejveer Tejveer Armageddon's Blade
Hortensia Hortensia Armageddon's Blade
Sethe Sethe Armageddon's Blade
Nuzrath Nuzrath Armageddon's Blade
Qenay Qenay Armageddon's Blade
Photima Photima Armageddon's Blade
Duke Alarice Duke Alarice Shadow of Death
Semkat Semkat Horn of the Abyss
Nahia Nahia Horn of the Abyss
Warden Warden Horn of the Abyss
Thrond Thrond Horn of the Abyss
Thorrd Thorrd Horn of the Abyss
Thjard Thjard Horn of the Abyss
Ysedore Ysedore Horn of the Abyss
Ethric Ethric Shadow of Death
Endrello Endrello Horn of the Abyss
Rumeon Rumeon Horn of the Abyss
Pyragast Pyragast Horn of the Abyss
Tharud Tharud Horn of the Abyss
Razargal Razargal Horn of the Abyss
Skrell Skrell Horn of the Abyss
Theard Theard Horn of the Abyss
Reventyr Reventyr Horn of the Abyss
Gurnis Gurnis Shadow of Death
Barshon Barshon Shadow of Death
Zorlan Zorlan Shadow of Death
Rabak Rabak Heroes Chronicles
King Targor King Targor Heroes Chronicles
Larn Larn Heroes Chronicles
Creghol Creghol Horn of the Abyss
Naghban Naghban Horn of the Abyss
Terghez Terghez Horn of the Abyss
Tan-Ghun Tan-Ghun Horn of the Abyss
Battle Mages
Swankart Swankart Shadow of Death
Venthin Venthin Shadow of Death
Zinitha Zinitha Shadow of Death
Denarm Denarm Shadow of Death
Kija Kija Heroes Chronicles
Numas Numas Heroes Chronicles
Jinara Jinara Heroes Chronicles
Guerhaugh Guerhaugh Horn of the Abyss
Drakon Drakon Armageddon's Blade
Bess Bess Horn of the Abyss
Swarn Swarn Horn of the Abyss
Berhanu Berhanu Horn of the Abyss
Solendore Solendore Horn of the Abyss
Yzraal Yzraal Horn of the Abyss
Evadne Evadne Horn of the Abyss
Quing Quing Horn of the Abyss
Malathi Malathi Horn of the Abyss
Zeytoss Zeytoss Horn of the Abyss
Castle Stronghold Inferno
Rampart Fortress Necropolis
Tower Conflux Dungeon
Factory Cove
Secondary skills
Wisdom Expert Wisdom
Eagle Eye Expert Eagle Eye
Scholar Expert Scholar
Tactics Expert Tactics
Learning Expert Learning
Offense Expert Offense
Intelligence Expert Intelligence
Sorcery Expert Sorcery

Ethric Ethric the Warlock is a copy of Jaegar Jaegar . He starts at level 6 with different biography, spells, primary skills and secondary skills.

Sandro's former master. He alerted Gem to the fact that Sandro was constructing powerful necromantic artifacts. In an attempt to thwart Sandro, he sent word to Sandro's enemies of his location and the fact that he possessed powerful artifacts.



Primary Skills[edit]

Attack 4 Defense 3 Spell Power 2 Knowledge 2


Relations to other heroes[edit]

Conflicting Information[edit]

NOTE: Fans have debated whether Ethric of Bracada (wizard) and Ethric the Mad (warlock/lich) were the same person or not. This was settled by Jennifer Bullard, a member of the Might and Magic team, who stated that, yes, they were. (