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Castle Castle
Rampart Rampart
Tower Tower
Inferno Inferno
Necropolis Necropolis
Dungeon Dungeon
Stronghold Stronghold
Fortress Fortress
Conflux Conflux Armageddon's Blade
Cove Cove Horn of the Abyss

Town typically refers to a structure on an Adventure Map, where heroes can recruit troops, replenish their spell points, and learn new spells. More generally, it can refer to one of the nine different town types, that can be seen in the table on the right. In Restoration of Erathia there were only eight different town types, but Armageddon's Blade expansion added Conflux. Every player must own at least one town. If a player loses the control of his last town, he has time for seven days to conquer at least one town.

Towns are also important source of gold with hall buildings producing it every day for the kingdom. If a town has a marketplace, a player may trade surplus resources for needed ones. Buildings unique to each of the town types can provide additional strengths and abilities for heroes.

Town with fort, citadel or castle have walls surrounding them, and can be defended by heroes in a siege battle. Other town defending structures that come with the fortifications are arrow towers and moat. Heroes can be located inside the town and inside the walls to protetct the town.

Maximum number of towns is 48 on any map.