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Basic Resistance.png Basic Resistance: endows a hero's troops with 5% magic resistance.
Advanced Resistance.png Advanced Resistance: endows a hero's troops with 10% magic resistance.
Expert Resistance.png Expert Resistance: endows a hero's troops with 20% magic resistance.

Resistance is a secondary skill that increases the magic resistance of hero's troops. Warlocks, Witches and Wizards cannot learn Resistance.

Heroes with Resistance as a starting skill:

Heroes with a Resistance specialty:

The following heroes receive a 5% per level bonus to their Resistance skill.

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss, Resistance since v.1.6.0 is banned by default, and all heroes that would start with Resistance start with Interference, aside from Thorgrim, who is also banned by default.

Alignment Class Chance to learn
Castle Castle  Knight   5
Castle Castle  Cleric   2
Rampart Rampart  Ranger   9 (highest)
Rampart Rampart  Druid   1
Tower Tower  Alchemist   5
Tower Tower  Wizard   0 (impossible)
Inferno Inferno  Demoniac   6
Inferno Inferno  Heretic   3
Necropolis Necropolis  Death Knight   5
Necropolis Necropolis  Necromancer   1
Dungeon Dungeon  Overlord   6
Dungeon Dungeon  Warlock   0 (impossible)
Stronghold Stronghold  Barbarian   6
Stronghold Stronghold  Battle Mage   4
Fortress Fortress  Beastmaster   5
Fortress Fortress  Witch   0 (impossible)
Conflux Conflux  Planeswalker   2
Conflux Conflux  Elementalist   0 (impossible)
Cove Cove  Captain   3
Cove Cove  Navigator   5