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dear visitor, if u have some time to kill, the wiki gladly offers you some options:

1. campaign section work, using Catherine's Charge as a model.

Restoration of Erathia Armageddon's Blade Shadow of Death Heroes Chronicles
Long Live the Queen Armageddon's Blade Birth of a Barbarian Warlords of the Wasteland
Homecoming Catherine's Charge On the Run A Barbarian King
Guardian Angels Shadows of the Forest The Meeting The Criminal King
Griffin Cliff Seeking Armageddon A Tough Start Ultimatum
Dungeons and Devils Maker of Sorrows Falor and Terwen The War for the Mudlands
A Devilish Plan Return of the King Returning to Bracada Siege of the Wallpeaks
Groundbreaking A Blade in the Back New Beginning Trapped!
Steadwick's Fall To Kill A Hero Clearing the Border Slash and Burn
Spoils of War Oblivion's Edge After the Amulet Steelhorn
Gold Rush Dragon Slayer Retrieving the Cowl Conquest of the Underworld
Borderlands Crystal Dragons Driving for the Boots Cerberus Gate
Greed Rust Dragons Hack and Slash The Boatman
Long Live the King Faerie Dragons Bashing Skulls Truth Within Nightmares
A Gryphon's Heart Azure Dragons Black Sheep Twisted Tunnels
Season of Harvest Playing with Fire A Cage in the Hand Jorm's Ambush
Corporeal Punishment Farming Towns Grave Robber Old Wounds
From Day to Night March of the Undead Elixir of Life The Queen's Command
Liberation Burning of Tatalia Graduation Exercise Never Deal with a Demon
Steadwick's Liberation Dragon's Blood Cutthroats Masters of the Elements
Deal with the Devil Culling the Weak Valley of the Dragon Lords The Trouble with Magic
Neutral Affairs Savaging the Scavengers A Thief in the Night Walking on Clouds
Tunnels and Troglodytes Blood of the Dragon Father Rise of the Necromancer Don't Drink the Water
Song for the Father Blood Thirsty Target Hard Place
Safe Passage Festival of Life Master The Secret in the Flames
United Front Razor Claw Finneas Vilmar The Magic that Binds
For King and Country Taming of the Wild Duke Alarice Birds of Fire
Seeds of Discontent Clan War Unholy Alliance Masters of the Elements
The Grail For the Throne Harvest Clash of the Dragons
The Road Home Foolhardy Waywardness Gathering the Legion The Dragontalker
Independence Lost at Sea Search for a Killer Dragon's Blood
Their End of the Bargain Final Peace The Dragon Mothers
Here There Be Pirates Secrets Revealed Dragons of Rust
Hurry Up and Wait Agents of Vengeance Distrust
Wrath of Sandro Dragons of Gossamer Wings
Invasion Dragons of Deepest Blue
To Strive, To Seek Clash of the Dragons
Barbarian Brothers The World Tree
Union A Distant Cry
Fall of Sandro Senseless Destruction
Specter of Power The World Within
Poison Fit for a King The Roots of Life
To Build a Tunnel Rebirth
Kreegan Alliance The Fiery Moon
With Blinders On The Endless Sands
The Nameless Land
The Sparkling Bridge
The Fiery Moon
Vorr, the Insane
Revolt of the Beastmasters
The First Law
By Royal Decree
The King's Son
The Ransom
Beyond the Borders
Naming a Nation
The First Tatalian War
The Sword of Frost
Tarnum the Overlord
The Land of the Vori
A New Enemy
A New Ally
The Capture
Tunnels of Ice
The Barbarian's Wife
The Protectors of the Sword

2. turning List of spells into something not so shameful. we have a link to all this at the main page after all. another re-check of all the spell pages wont hurt too.

3. town pages: expanding building cost tabs; adding HotA bulding trees (File:CoveBuildings eng.png).

4. restoring List of campaign heroes ( with full info about campaigns theyre taking part in. maybe adding campaign info to all the heroes pages. --GroundhogYear (talk) 07:12, 28 April 2020 (UTC)