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This article refers to the movement of creatures in combat. For the movement of heroes on the adventure map, see movement.
Verbal descriptions of speed values
Value Description
3 very slow
4 extra slow
5 slow
6 swift
7 extra swift
8 very swift
9 ultra swift
10 super swift
11 quick
12 extra quick
13 very quick
14 ultra quick
15 super quick
16 fast
17 extra fast
18 very fast
19 ultra fast
21 blazing fast

Speed (or sometimes movement) is a statistic of creatures. The speed value determines how many hexes the creature can move in a fight on a battlefield. The speed value also determines the initiative of the creature (the order in which creatures move during a battle). Additionally, the speed value of the slowest creature in a hero's army affects the hero's movement points on the Adventure Map.

The fastest creature in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Restoration of Erathia is the Archangel with a speed of 18. In the first expansion Armageddon's Blade and later in Shadow of Death, the fastest creature is Conflux's Phoenix with a speed of 21. The slowest creatures with a speed of 3 are Dendroid Guards, Dwarves, Stone Golems and Walking Dead. Additionally, the Armageddon's Blade expansion introduced Peasants, who have a speed of three. The verbal descriptions are listed in the table on the right. Curiously enough, none of the creatures have a speed value of 20 which would be described as super fast.

War machines have a speed of 0, which means they cannot move during combat and typically act last in each round of a battle. However, their speed value does not affect the hero's movement points.

Speed as initiative

Speed determines the initiative of creatures. A high speed value means high initiative, which means that the creature will move before creatures with smaller speed values (slower creatures). If two or more creatures on different sides of engaging armies have the same speed value, the creature on the army which did not have the latest chance to act will act first. If it is the beginning of the battle, the attacker will have the initiative. Within each army, the unit that started (before tactics phase) nearest to the top of the screen (more left in the hero's army), will move first.

Speed modifiers

There are several modifiers that can affect creatures' speed values during combat. Modifiers that affect speed throughout the combat and which cannot be cancelled are terrain, artifact and hero specialty modifiers. Additionally, spells can have increasing or decreasing effects on creatures' speed values. Creatures fighting on their native terrain receive +1 to their speed (and +1 to both attack and defense skill). There are three artifacts that affect the speed of all creature's in a hero's army:

Many heroes have a creature specialty, which gives one specific creature type (and their upgraded version) in a hero's army +1 to speed during combat. For example, Edric the knight has Griffins as his special ability, which means that Griffins and Royal Griffins fighting in Edric's army receive +1 to speed increasing the Griffins' speed to 7 and the Royal Griffins' speed to 10. Additionally, Sir Mullich has speed as his hero specialty which means that all creatures in his army receive +2 to their speed values during combat (in Horn of the Abyss Sir Mullich is banned by default for balance reasons).

Three spells can affect the speed of creatures: Haste, Slow and Prayer. These spells affect the speed as follows:

  • Haste
    • +3 to speed for a single creature stack with Basic Air Magic
    • +5 to speed for a single creature stack with Advanced Air Magic
    • +5 to speed for all allied creature stacks with Expert Air Magic
  • Slow
    • reduces speed for single creature stack by -25% rounded up with Basic Earth Magic
    • reduces speed for single creature stack by -50% rounded up with Advanced Earth Magic
    • reduces speed for all enemy creature stacks by -50% rounded up with Expert Earth Magic
  • Prayer
    • +2 to speed for a single creature stack with Basic Water Magic
    • +4 to speed for a single creature stack with Advanced Water Magic
    • +4 to speed for all allied creatures stacks with Expert Water Magic

Additionally, Brissa, Cyra and Terek have Haste as their hero specialty, which means that they can cast Haste with increased effect, based on their level compared to the level of the target creature stack. Loynis has Prayer as specialty, which works in a similar way. There is no hero that has Slow as their specialty.

In the best case, the maximum speed bonus from all these modifiers is +16, or +7 in the first round of combat before the spells can be cast. A stack of Phoenixes led by Sir Mullich on their native terrain and with the best magical help available would therefore get a speed of 37. In similarly favourable conditions, the slow Dendroid Guards would get a speed of 19, making them tied with Azure Dragons or Archangels (which have the same native terrain). Heroes with a specialty in Haste or Prayer can potentially give more movement than Sir Mullich.

Fast unit chart

Listing only units allowing maximum movement (Speed of 11+):

Speed Units
11 Devil, Master Genie, Red Dragon, Scorpicore, Thunderbird, Titan, Wyvern Monarch, Ayssid Horn of the Abyss
12 Angel, Silver Pegasus, Haspid Horn of the Abyss
13 Dragon Fly, Efreet Sultan
14 Ghost Dragon
15 Black Dragon, Faerie Dragon, Firebird
16 Crystal Dragon, Gold Dragon
17 Arch Devil, Rust Dragon
18 Archangel
19 Azure Dragon
21 Phoenix

Unit speed table

Town 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Town portrait Castle small.gif Pikeman  4 Halberdier  5  Archer  4 Marksman  6  Griffin  6 Royal Griffin  9  Swordsman  5 Crusader  6  Monk  5 Zealot  7  Cavalier  7 Champion  9  Angel  12 Archangel  18 
Town portrait Conflux small.gif Pixie  7 Sprite  9 Air Elemental  7 Storm Elemental  8 Water Elemental  5 Ice Elemental  6 Fire Elemental  6 Energy Elemental  8 Earth Elemental  4 Magma Elemental  6 Psychic Elemental  7 Magic Elemental  9 Firebird  15 Phoenix  21
Town portrait Cove small.gif Nymph  6 Oceanid  8 Crew Mate  5 Seaman  6 Pirate  6 Sea Dog  8 Stormbird  9 Ayssid  11 Sea Witch  6 Sorceress  7 Nix  6 Nix Warrior  7 Sea Serpent  9 Haspid  12
Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Troglodyte  4 Infernal Troglodyte  5 Harpy  6 Harpy Hag  9 Beholder  5 Evil Eye  7 Medusa  5 Medusa Queen  6 Minotaur  6 Minotaur King  8 Manticore  7 Scorpicore  11 Red Dragon  11 Black Dragon  15
Town portrait Fortress small.gif Gnoll  4 Gnoll Marauder  5 Lizardman  4 Lizard Warrior  5 Serpent Fly  9 Dragon Fly  13 Basilisk  5 Greater Basilisk  7 Gorgon  5 Mighty Gorgon  6 Wyvern  7 Wyvern Monarch  11 Hydra  5 Chaos Hydra  7
Town portrait Inferno small.gif Imp  5 Familiar  7 Gog  4 Magog  6 Hell Hound  7 Cerberus  8 Demon  5 Horned Demon  6 Pit Fiend  6 Pit Lord  7 Efreeti  9 Efreet Sultan  13 Devil  11 Arch Devil  17
Town portrait Necropolis small.gif Skeleton  4 Skeleton Warrior  5 Walking Dead  3 Zombie  4 Wight  5 Wraith  7 Vampire  6 Vampire Lord  9 Lich  6 Power Lich  7 Black Knight  7 Dread Knight  9 Bone Dragon  9 Ghost Dragon  14
Town portrait Rampart small.gif Centaur  6 Centaur Captain  8 Dwarf  3 Battle Dwarf  5 Wood Elf  6 Grand Elf  7 Pegasus  8 Silver Pegasus  12 Dendroid Guard  3 Dendroid Soldier  4 Unicorn  7 War Unicorn  9 Green Dragon  10 Gold Dragon  16
Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Goblin  5 Hobgoblin  7 Wolf Rider  6 Wolf Raider  8 Orc  4 Orc Chieftain  5 Ogre  4 Ogre Mage  5 Roc  7 Thunderbird  11 Cyclops  6 Cyclops King  8 Behemoth  6 Ancient Behemoth  9
Town portrait Tower small.gif Gremlin  4 Master Gremlin  5 Stone Gargoyle  6 Obsidian Gargoyle  9 Stone Golem  3 Iron Golem  5 Mage  5 Arch Mage  7 Genie  7 Master Genie  11 Naga  5 Naga Queen  7 Giant  7 Titan  11
Town portrait Neutral small.gif Peasant  3 Halfling  5 Leprechaun  5 Rogue  6
Boar  6
Mummy  5 Nomad  7 Steel Golem  6 Satyr  7
Sharpshooter  9
Gold Golem  5 Fangarm  6
Troll  7
Diamond Golem  5 Enchanter  9 Faerie Dragon  15 Crystal Dragon  16
Rust Dragon  17 Azure Dragon  19

Values in gold represent the fastest creature for the given tier. Values in blue represent the fastest creature for the given faction. Values in green represent creatures that are both the fastest for their tier and for their faction. The Corsair Corsair (with speed 7) was skipped in the table to keep the layout tidy.

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