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Adventure Map Dungeon capitol.gif
Fully built Dungeon, as seen on the adventure map

Adventure Map Dungeon capitol (HotA).gif
Fully built Dungeon, as seen on the adventure map. (Horn of the Abyss) Horn of the Abyss

Castle Castle
Rampart Rampart
Tower Tower
Inferno Inferno
Necropolis Necropolis
Dungeon Dungeon
Stronghold Stronghold
Fortress Fortress
Conflux Conflux Armageddon's Blade
Cove Cove Horn of the Abyss

Dungeon is an evil alignment town. Dungeons are built by the warlock and overlord hero classes to act as bases from which to wage campaigns of conquest for wealth and power. Similarly minded creatures are attracted as allies. Other dungeon creatures are in thrall to their masters. Dungeon represents Nighon.

Dungeon's native terrain is subterranean.

Dungeon Creature Dwellings

Dungeon Specific Buildings

Dungeon building tree


Halls Fortifications Tavern, Marketplace & Resource Silo Mage Guilds Banned spells
Village Hall Village Hall Fort Fort Tavern Tavern Mage Guild level 1 Mage Guild
level 1
Dungeon Town Hall large.gif Town Hall Citadel Citadel Marketplace Marketplace Mage Guild level 2 Mage Guild
level 2
City Hall City Hall Castle Castle Resource Silo Resource Silo
Produces +1 Sulfur
Mage Guild level 3 Mage Guild
level 3
Capitol Capitol Blacksmith
Mage Guild level 4 Mage Guild
level 4
Mage Guild level 5 Mage Guild
level 5
Resource Basic Upgrades All
Gold 39900 26500 112400
Wood 56 36 142
Ore 66 31 142
Crystal 5 9 32
Gem 15 12 45
Mercury 10 12 40
Sulfur 30 30 82
Troop cost/week: 27205 Gold + 4 Sulfur

Dungeon heroes

Name Class Specialty Skill 1 Skill 2 Spell
Ajit Ajit  Overlord  Specialty Beholders small.gif  Beholders Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership  Basic Resistance  Basic Resistance 
Arlach Arlach  Overlord  Specialty Ballista small.gif  Ballista Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Basic Artillery  Basic Artillery 
Dace Dace  Overlord  Specialty Minotaurs small.gif  Minotaurs Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Basic Offense  Basic Offense 
Damacon Damacon  Overlord  Specialty Gold small.gif  Gold Advanced Offense  Advanced Offense   
Gunnar Gunnar  Overlord  Specialty Logistics small.gif  Logistics Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Basic Logistics  Basic Logistics 
Lorelei Lorelei  Overlord  Specialty Harpies small.gif  Harpies Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership  Basic Scouting  Basic Scouting 
Shakti Shakti  Overlord  Specialty Troglodytes small.gif  Troglodytes Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics 
Synca Synca  Overlord  Specialty Manticores small.gif  Manticores Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership  Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar 
Mutare Mutare Armageddon's Blade  Overlord  Specialty Dragons small.gif  Dragons Basic Estates  Basic Estates  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Magic Arrow small.png Magic Arrow 
Mutare Drake Mutare Drake Armageddon's Blade  Overlord  Specialty Dragons small.gif  Dragons Basic Estates  Basic Estates  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Magic Arrow small.png Magic Arrow 
Alamar Alamar  Warlock  Specialty Resurrection small.gif  Resurrection Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Resurrection small.png Resurrection 
Darkstorn Darkstorn  Warlock  Specialty Stone Skin small.gif  Stone Skin Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Learning  Basic Learning  Stone Skin small.png Stone Skin 
Deemer Deemer  Warlock  Specialty Meteor Shower small.gif  Meteor Shower Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Advanced Scouting  Advanced Scouting  Meteor Shower small.png Meteor Shower 
Geon Geon  Warlock  Specialty Eagle Eye small.gif  Eagle Eye Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Eagle Eye  Basic Eagle Eye  Slow small.png Slow 
Jaegar Jaegar  Warlock  Specialty Mysticism small.gif  Mysticism Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism  Shield small.png Shield 
Jeddite Jeddite  Warlock  Specialty Resurrection small.gif  Resurrection Advanced Wisdom  Advanced Wisdom    Resurrection small.png Resurrection 
Malekith Malekith  Warlock  Specialty Sorcery small.gif  Sorcery Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Sorcery  Basic Sorcery  Bloodlust small.png Bloodlust 
Sephinroth Sephinroth  Warlock  Specialty Crystal small.gif  Crystal Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Intelligence  Basic Intelligence  Protection from Air small.png Protection from Air 

Dungeon creatures

Name  Town Lvl Att Def D- D+ HP Spd Grw Val Cost  Special
Troglodyte Troglodyte Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 1 4 3 1 3 5 4 14 59 50 Gold   Immune to Blinding
Infernal Troglodyte Infernal Troglodyte Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 1+ 5 4 1 3 6 5 14 84 65 Gold   Immune to Blinding
Harpy Harpy Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 2 6 5 1 4 14 6 8 154 130 Gold   Flying, Strike and return
Harpy Hag Harpy Hag Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 2+ 6 6 1 4 14 9 8 238 170 Gold   Flying, Strike and return, No enemy retaliation
Beholder Beholder Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 3 9 7 3 5 22 5 7 336 250 Gold   Ranged (12 shots), No melee penalty
Evil Eye Evil Eye Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 3+ 10 8 3 5 22 7 7 367 280 Gold   Ranged (24 shots), No melee penalty
Medusa Medusa Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 4 9 9 6 8 25 5 4 517 300 Gold   Ranged (4 shots), No melee penalty, Petrify
Medusa Queen Medusa Queen Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 4+ 10 10 6 8 30 6 4 577 330 Gold   Ranged (8 shots), No melee penalty, Petrify
Minotaur Minotaur Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 5 14 12 12 20 50 6 3 835 500 Gold   Positive Morale
Minotaur King Minotaur King Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 5+ 15 15 12 20 50 8 3 1068 575 Gold   Positive Morale
Manticore Manticore Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 6 15 13 14 20 80 7 2 1547 850 Gold   Flying
Scorpicore Scorpicore Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 6+ 16 14 14 20 80 11 2 1589 1050 Gold   Flying, Paralyze
Red Dragon Red Dragon Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 7 19 19 40 50 180 11 1 4702 2500 Gold , 1 Sulfur  Dragon, Flying, Breath attack, 1-3 lvl spells immunity
Black Dragon Black Dragon Town portrait Dungeon small.gif 7+ 25 25 40 50 300 15 1 8721 4000 Gold , 2 Sulfur  Dragon, Flying, Breath attack, Magic immunity, Hates Titans


User commentary

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  • Dungeon armies possess a variety of long ranged attacks, have effective damage dealing troops, and have the ability to greatly disrupt the strategies of their enemies.
  • Upgrade your level 2 creature dwelling as soon as possible: harpy hags have a great base speed (9) and their attacks cannot be retaliated against.
  • Upgrading Medusas to Medusa Queens is more crucial than Beholders to Evil Eyes, since basic Medusa has only four shoots. Getting an Ammo Cart via capturing a town whose Blacksmith is producing Ammo Carts, or at a War Machine Factory, will help a lot, since Medusa Queen's 8 shoots is still not sufficient for a fierce battle.
  • Bless your Harpies/Harpy Hags. They have damage range 1–4, and Dungeon is the only evil town with possibility of learning Bless spell. With highest damage dealt, Harpy Hags will be a machine of killing enemies with impunity. Similarly, Curse the enemy's Harpies/Harpy Hags (Slow would also be useful since Harpy Hags have a decent speed).
  • Haste your Minotaurs/Minotaur Kings. They are brutes which do a lot of damage and you want them to strike at the enemy as soon as possible.
    • Plus, save obstacles, a hasted minotaur king can reach nearly any point of the battle field.
  • Or, to not damage ones own units, the Armageddon's Blade (artifact), if tier 7 creatures of Rampart and some other immune units are not part of the opponent or can be killed later.
  • Dungeon town is self-sufficient in terms of minerals with a Resource Silo only lacking money to profit from level 7 creature growth safe plague.
  • Although dungeon is quite expensive, it has good magical capabilities (e.g. mana vortex) and powerful troops like black dragons, which are among the strongest creatures in Erathia.
  • If there is a high level creature dwelling on a map, it is better not flagging any other creature dwellings allowing you to recruit the high level creatures every week from both the Portal of Summoning and the dwelling itself, because units produced in the Portal of Summoning are random every week. For example, if there are Red Dragons and Troglodytes available on the adventure map, don't flag Troglodyte dwellings.


  • Two ranged units, both of which have no melee penalty.
  • Mana Vortex: doubles your max spell points once a week.
  • Black Dragons are potential for "Dragogeddon" tactic because of their spell immunity. Additionally Warlock gain more power than other hero classes.
  • Harpy Hags are one of the best 2 level units.
  • The Battle Scholar Academy instantly levels-up starting heroes.
  • Three powerful heroes: Gunnar with Logistics specialty, and Jeddite and Alamar with Resurrection spell.
  • Portal of summoning may be used to gain additional creatures.
  • The weekly income with Capitol and the Resource Silo is enough to recruit all the units without any external mines.
  • By using "Dragogeddon" tactic you can easily overcome Necropolis tactic to accumulate large amounts of "Skeletons" and destroy them easily with little to no efforts.


  • Dungeon is quite expensive to build-up.
  • Manticores are one of the weakest level 6 units, and even when upgraded to Scorpicores they are significantly weaker than Naga Queens or Dread Knights.
  • Difficult to build level 7 creature dwelling.
  • Basic Pillar of Eyes which is level 3 creature dwelling requires each type of resource, and is necessary to build all higher level creature dwellings, making Dungeon possibly the worst town for playing on Impossible level.
  • There is no hero with Medusa specialty, unlike other towns which have heroes specializing in 4th level units. It's not a big problem, but Medusas still might want to be buffed, as they are rather slow, often forced into melee due to low amount of shots and lack of Ammo Cart, and generally weaker than Crusaders and Vampire Lords.
  • Overlords cannot learn Water Magic, therefore being unable to cast Bless on the entire army, while many Dungeon units have significant damage range (especially Harpies and Minotaurs).

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