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Revisiting Adventure Map Locations: If a hero currently stands on a trigger of an Adventure Object,

players can revisit the location by pressing the Space Bar.

New or Improved Adventure Objects:

Quest Gates:

Before you can pass through a Quest Gate, you must fulfill the quest that is assigned

to you.

Seer's Huts:

Border Gates:

Several new types of quests have been added to the Seer's Huts.

Border Gates are different from a Border Guard. Border Guards disappear from the

adventure map once a hero visits a Keymaster's Tent and returns with the password.

Border Gates DO NOT disappear from the adventure map. They remain in place,

continually guarding the pass. This allows certain players to pass, while preventing


Hire Base Level or Upgraded Creatures: If you have upgraded your creature structures, you may now

choose to recruit either the base level or the upgraded creature. The default is to purchase the

upgraded creature.

Guard Mines With Creatures: You can drop off creatures at your mines to guard them. Whenever you

revisit a mine that belongs to you, you may choose or remove creatures to guard it. This is similar to

placing creatures in a garrison.