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To play Multi-player games against other Armageddon's Blade game players

who have not purchased Shadow of Death game, either:

A. Have the Armageddon's Blade game players launch the game using

the Heroes III: Restoration of Erathia game shortcut, which will allow

them to join Shadow of Death games, or:

B. Have all players launch the game using the Armageddon's

Blade shortcut.

Access to the Armageddon's Blade Game Features

All Armageddon's Blade game expansion pack features will be automatically

enabled and accessible with Heroes III: The Shadow of Death game

(including the map editor and campaign editor) provided that both products

are properly installed.

In a Multi-player game only players who own Armageddon's Blade game will

be able to select the Conflux as their starting town.

You will only need to launch Armageddon's Blade game to play Multi-player

games with players who own Armageddon's Blade game, but do not own

The Shadow of Death game.