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Artifacts Needed


Statue of


Legs of Legion

Hips of Legion

Torso of Legion

Arms of Legion

Head of Legion

All creature production increases

by 50% in all towns excluding

flagged structures or other like

bonuses. Bonus is received

regardless of whether the her o

carrying the statue is present in

the town.

Power of

the Dragon


Crown of Dragontooth

Necklace of Dragonteeth

Dragon Wing Tabard

Red Dragon Flame Tongue

Dragon Scale Shield

Quiet Eye of the Dragon

Still Eye of the Dragon

Dragonbone Greaves

Dragon Scale Armor

Adds 6 to all primary skills,

all troops are immune to 1-4th

level spells.



Thunder Helmet

Titan's Gladius

Titan's Cuirass

Sentinel's Shield

Hero gains the ability to cast

Lightning Bolt for 600 points of

damage, does not cost any spell

points, adds a spell book into

their inventory (permanently).

Admiral's Hat

Sea Captain's Hat

Necklace of Ocean Guidance

No boarding or unboarding ship

penalty. Converts movement

points between the Hero's Land

and Water movement.

Bow of the


Bow of Elven Cherrywood

Bowstring of the Unicorn's Mane

Angel Feather Arrows

Ranged shooters may fire

projectiles while adjacent to an

enemy creature. No archery

penalty for range or obstacle.

Wizard's Well

Charm of Mana

Talisman of Mana

Orb of Mana

Regenerates all spell points

each day.

Ring of

the Magi

Collar of Conjuring

Ring of Conjuring

Cloak of Conjuring

Add 50 rounds to spell duration.


Everflowing Cloak of Crystal

Everpouring Vial of Mercury

Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur

Ring of Infinite Gems

Generates 4 of each precious

resource, each day.