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In many of the scenarios supplied with Heroes of Might and Magic III, between two and eight of the

opposing forces may be played by a human players. These scenarios may be played as multiplayer games,

either on a single computer (a hotseat game), with each player taking turns at the computer's controls,

or as a network game, with each player sitting at a separate computer connected via network, Internet,

modem, or serial cable. This section describes how these games are started and played.

Multiplayer Game Type Selector





Direct Connection

Online Services

Player Name Field


Starting a Multiplayer Game

From the Main Menu, click the New Game button to bring up the New Game Menu. There, click the

Multiplayer button to display the Multiplayer Game Type Selector pictured above. From there you may

choose the type of multiplayer game you want to begin — Hotseat, IPX, TCP/IP, Modem, or Direct

Connection. Click on the Online Services button to connect to available Internet opponent

matching services. You can click in the player name field to activate its text cursor and type in your name.

This will be the name other players see you as. Click the Cancel button to return to the Main Menu.