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Click on this icon to display the spell book (see Magic System, pg. 55).

Hero Inventory

As heroes collect artifact items and war machines, they appear in their inventory. To display information

about an inventory item, right-click on its icon.

In order to gain the benefits of these items, the hero must equip them. Many items must be worn or held

by the hero. In order to equip a worn item, drag its icon from the hero's backpack to the appropriate slot

on the hero's body diagram. Note this means a hero can only wear one helmet, one set of boots, etc. at a

time. Some items are not worn but must still be equipped. Up to four of these may be equipped at one

time by placing them in the miscellaneous equipment slots. Sixty-four non-equipped items may be carried

by a hero in their backpack. Click the scroll arrows to scroll the backpack contents display.

There are four equipment slots reserved for any war machines the hero may be carrying. Only the

Catapult, Ballista, Ammo Cart, and First Aid tent may be placed in these slots. A hero may only carry

one of each war machine type at any one time.




Ammo Cart

First Aid Tent

Right Hand (Offensive)


Right Hand Ring

Left Hand Ring


Left Hand (Defensive)




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