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Switch the Positions of Two Troops

To have two different troops trade their troop slot

positions, click on one of the troops to highlight it, and

then click on the second troop.

Loose Formation

Tight Formation

Tactics Formation

Army Formation Selector

You may choose how a hero's troops are arrayed on the battlefield using the Army Formation Selection

buttons. Choosing Loose Formation will cause the troops to be arrayed in a loose line, while choosing

Tight Formation will array them in a tight line. If a hero has the Tactics secondary skill, the Tactics

Formation button turns on and off the Tactics formation option. When Tactics formation is on, the

hero's armies can be moved about the battlefield prior to the beginning of a battle (see Combat, pg. 40).

Dismiss Hero

Click this button if you wish to dismiss the displayed hero. If you do this, the hero will leave your

service. He or she may later appear for hire in one of your town taverns, or may end up in the service of

one of your enemies.

View Quest Log

Click on this icon to display the Quest Log. The text displayed lists quests your heroes have

accepted. The quest log scrolls up/down using a scroll bar.