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Individual Hero Information: When you click the Hero Information button, the main part of the display


shows information about each of your heroes.




Knowledge Spell Points

Experience Specialty

Secondary Skills



Scroll Inventory

Troop Slots



Scroll Inventory

Hero Items

In Backpack

Hero/Stats: This portion of the Hero Information section displays the hero's name, portrait, morale, luck,

troop slots, and primary skills. You can click on the hero's portrait to bring up that hero's full Hero Screen.

Hero Skills: This section displays the hero's secondary skills, experience points, spell points and other information.

Hero Artifacts: This section displays the hero's inventory.

Clicking the Equipped, Miscellaneous, or In

Backpack buttons will allow you to view the items the hero is currently using or carrying.

Individual Town Information: Click the Town Information button to display information about each of

your towns in the main section of the screen. If you have more than four towns, you may use the scroll

bar on the left side of the screen to bring your other towns into view.

Town Portrait

Hall Level

Town Name

Town Castle


Hero Portraits

Creature Generation

Garrison Army

Visiting Army

Available Creatures

Town: This section displays the town's name, portrait, village hall level, castle level, and daily gold income.

Click on the town portrait to display that town's Town Screen. The Creature Generation section displays

any creature population you are receiving from Adventure Map creature dwellings under your territorial


Garrison Hero: This section shows information about the town's garrison forces. If a garrison hero leads those

forces, their name and portrait appear. Click on the hero's portrait to switch to the hero's Hero Screen.

Visiting Hero Section: If a hero is visiting the town, then their portrait, name, and army are shown here.

You can click on the hero's portrait to bring up the hero's Hero Screen.