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When it becomes your Archers’ turn, don’t move them. Instead, place the cursor over one of

your enemies and click. Units with missile weapons do not have to be adjacent to an enemy to

attack. In fact, you can not make a ranged attack if an enemy unit is standing next to you.

Continue moving, attacking, and shooting until all the Gnolls are dead. You will have won your

first victory!

After each combat, you will be shown the Combat Results Window. This window breaks down

the losses to each side and any experience your hero has gained if you were victorious. Click the

Check button to close this window. You will then be shown the Artifact you just won from the

Gnolls. It will be automatically added to your hero’s inventory, and equipped on the hero if

space permits (for more information on equipment, see pg. 31 in the manual). On the Artifact

popup window, you may right click on the picture of the artifact to view information about it.

If your hero has gained enough experience to gain a level, you will then be shown the Gain a

Level window, which is identical to the one you saw when you received experience from the

treasure chest on Day 1.

So, with the full day that today has been, you should now end your turn.

Week 1, Day 4

Let’s go back a moment and take a look at your Castle town. Since you’re underground, the

fastest way to get there is to use the town portrait button on the right side of the screen, the same

way you used the hero portrait button to select your hero. Single clicking on the town button

will center your view on the town. Double clicking will open the town screen. Do that now.

All units in Heroes III may be upgraded, but to do so you will need to upgrade the buildings that

produce those units. Use the Town Hall to build a Guardhouse upgrade. Once the upgrade

builds, click on the Tavern building located next to the Town Hall. The Tavern is where you

recruit new heroes. At any given time there will be two heroes available to hire. In this case,

two Cleric heroes are available. Right click and hold on a hero’s portrait to display information

about that hero. Look at both, and hire whichever one you want by clicking on the Recruit

button. The hero will appear in the ‘Visiting Hero’ row on the Town Screen.

Click on the Cleric’s portrait, then click on the box just above him. Notice how the hero and all

troops under his command move into the garrison row. Every town may have a garrison hero,

and if the town is attacked that hero will defend from within any fortifications that are present.

Also, by moving a hero into the garrison, you allow another hero to be hired or to enter the town.

Move your hero back out of the garrison by clicking on his portrait, then clicking on the box

directly below him. Again, the whole army will move to the ‘Visiting Hero’ row.

Since you built an upgraded Guardhouse, it would be a good idea to upgrade your Cleric’s

Pikemen. Double click on the Pikemen to bring up their info screen, then click on the Upgrade

Unit button. You will be shown how much it will cost to upgrade your troops. Click Okay to

accept the upgrade, and all your Pikemen will be upgraded to Halberdiers.

Not forgetting about Lord Haart, exit the Town Screen, and notice that your Cleric’s portrait has

been added to the portrait row on the right side of the screen. Just above the End Turn button is

the Next Hero button. Each time you click this button your view will change to the next hero